More Rainy Days Ahead

The wet week continues this morning, and will continue on and off throughout the day and into tomorrow – as shown by the HRRR model below.

  • Rain will continue on/off throughout the week until Friday afternoon or evening – when most models expect us to clear out.
  • Much lower rain chances for this weekend
  • Overall rainfall totals continue to come down – only 1-2″ more inches expected, maybe some locally higher amounts. NWS Nashville thinks the overall risk of any widespread flooding continues to decrease.
  • You may hear a rumble of thunder or two, but no severe weather is expected this week or into the weekend.
  • Rain chances increase on Monday/Tuesday – more deets on that in the upcoming days.

Above average temps continue throughout the week, cooling off to what we are used to for this time of the year by the weekend. read more

Rainy Week Begins Today

On and off rain for the week begins this morning, continuing through Tuesday and Wednesday – as shown by the HRRR model below. Heavier rainfall totals today will be south of I-40.

HRRR Simulated Radar 10am Monday – Wednesday 6am
  • Multiple rounds of heavy rain will continue throughout the week and into the weekend.
  • Generally, rainfall totals will be from 2-4″, with locally higher amounts possible. In these locally higher amounts is where flash flooding risk will be elevated, along with the areas that usually flood. Unsure of where these higher rainfall totals may happen.
  • NWS Nashville says a Flood Watch may be needed for areas that are believed to get higher rainfall totals – unsure if this would include our counties at this time.
  • Some rumbles of thunder will be possible in the heavier downpours, but no severe weather is expected.

Temps mid-week will be above average, eventually making it back to around normal by the weekend. read more

One More Dry Day Before A Wet Week

Today will be chilly, with high temps only reaching the upper 40’s, but will at least be rain-free.

In between watching football and what not today, it’d be a great idea to go check your gutters and drains, chances are they likely have something obstructing them (leaves, twigs, etc.) and with all the rain coming up – it always helps when water flows where it is supposed to go. read more

A Day Or So Break In The Rainy Pattern

Today and likely Sunday are likely the only dry days in the next seven days, how nice….

Today won’t be the prettiest day, but at least it’ll be rain free. If you step outside now, it’ll be the “warmest” you’ll be all day as temps will gradually fall, ending up around freezing late tonight. read more

Severe Weather Risk Today

Stepping outside this morning, it feels like a typical fall day. Reason being is the warm front we’re expecting to lift north and eventually get to us is still in southern Mississippi. Temps and dewpoints will eventually get to the 60’s later this afternoon. read more

Severe Weather Potential Tuesday

Today will be quite nice, seasonal temps, no rain besides for maybe a drizzle this morning. Sun should peak out later.

Tomorrow we turn our attention to a system that we’ve been watching for a while. read more

Windy + Drizzly Sunday, Storm Potential Tuesday

Windy start to the day as both of our counties are under a Wind Advisory. May need to tie down some Christmas decor, also heads up Titans special teams…it’s coming from the SW.

Could see some drizzle this afternoon/evening. Won’t be much, but just enough to notice it. Below is what the HRRR model thinks. read more

Blerg Watch For Saturday, Cold Temps Settling In

Get outside while you can, it likely won’t be this warm again for a hot minute.

As a cold front pushes in later this evening, it brings colder temps along with some rain chances, along with a chance at a term that hasn’t been used in a while – Blerg. read more

Today Looks Like A Treat, Sunday and Monday May Have Tricks

Really nice late October Saturday. Looks like the rain should hold off all day, so outdoor Halloween activities look to have the green light. Worst case scenario, there’s a quick lil’ shower, doubt it though. read more

Low Probability Of Severe Weather Today, Look At Halloween Weekend

Some showers of no consequence moving through this morning, only will help water the grass a little.

🍃Before the main line of storms arrive, it will be windy. We are under a Wind Advisory until 7pm for sustained winds 15-25 mph, with gusts up to 40mph. That could bring down a few tree limbs before the storms arrive. Also, may make it difficult for high-profile vehicles, especially on I-40. Would be a good idea to move Halloween decor inside and make sure trampolines are tied down so they don’t become frisbees. read more