The Streak Ends (Probably), Heat Comes Right Back

Our streak of 28 consecutive days of reaching the 90’s looks to stop at 28. Our high temp looks to only make it to 85° today. It was a good run, some may say a great run. But all good, or bad things must come to an end. 28 days is the 5th longest streak on record. Not as cool of a streak as Cal Ripken Jr.’s or Joey Chestnut. The streak really hasn’t been cool at all, it’s just been hot. read more

Soccer Fans Rejoice (Probably), Heat Picks Up Where It Left Off

Dry air is prohibiting the rain from Kentucky from moving into our area. Would not be surprised if a shower squeaked by, but won’t be anything of major consequence.

Latest HRRR model (below) runs think the rain/storms hold off until after a Nashville SC win. But models aren’t always right. Prepare and plan for the unexpected. read more

90°+ Streak In The Danger Zone, Good Soaking Rain Coming

Previously mentioned showers coming in from Kentucky look weak. If they do make it here this afternoon, they would just be some very light showers. No need to alter any plans. No severe weather worries with these. HRRR model gives its’ take below. read more

Maybe Severe Storms, Maybe You Need A Fanorak

Before storms today, it will be hot. 94° for the high, paired with dewpoints in the low 70’s, giving us a heat index to 101°. Not as bad as last week, but still not comfortable.

Your day throughout the afternoon should be dry. read more

“Cooled” Off But Not Really

No more upper 90’s, but it will still be in the low 90’s with dewpoints in the mid 70’s, will equal heat index nearing 105°. Better? Yes. Noticeable? Eh.

Looks like we won’t be able to shake the 90’s for a while. Just like all the fashion trends that are still around. read more

Hoping The Wattery Bails Us Out One Last Time

See the source image

Most of us have struck luck with the Wattery the past two days, bailing us out from the heat index getting to excessive territory. We just need one more day of that.

If not, temps will surge up into the upper 90’s, dewpoints in the mid 70’s = heat index pushing 110°, reason for the Excessive Heat Warning for today. read more

Excessive Heat Warning And Severe Storms - A Double Edged Sword + Drought Update

On one edge of the blade, you have super hot, uncomfortable temperature + dewpoint combo, but there is no severe weather. On the other edge, you get kinda hot, but then a shower/storm comes and cools you down. Maybe not the easiest choice. Good thing Mother Nature decides for you. read more

Excessive Heat Warning Thru Friday, Hopes of Getting Cooled Off By (Severe?) Storms

Since 1986, NWS Nashville has only ever issued an Excessive Heat Warning four times. Once in 2010, twice in 2011, and now again today. The only previous one that included Davidson and Williamson counties was in 2010, also on a Wednesday. Point being, this degree of heat and humidity is quite rare, and is dangerous. read more

Dangerous Heat + Dewpoint Combo Thru Friday, The Wattery Has Few Winning Tickets

It’s going to be downright hot. No other way to put it.

Take it easy if you have to be outside today. This heat will overwhelm you faster than you think, no matter how well you think you can handle it, similar to your crazy ex. read more

Probably Rain-Free But Hazy Fireworks Tonight, Heat Advisory Likely All Week

Besides probably sweating a lot, the 4th looks pretty good. Temps in the mid/upper 90’s, paired with dewpoints hovering around the 70° mark, will lead to heat index in the 100-105° range, which is cooler than the rest of this week will be…I might just stay inside and watch Joey Chestnut eat more hot dogs in 10 minutes than I ever have. read more