Trying To Dodge Uncertainty With Daily Rain Chances

Rain just to our west this morning. HRRR model (below) thinks it slides a little this way during the afternoon and some of us may get some rain and lightning before it pushes north. For tonight, the HRRR thinks more Wattery style showers/storms pop-up sometime this evening. read more

Can’t Shake The Uncertain Rainy Pattern

Another hot + humid day with the heat index maxing out near 100°.

HRRR model (below) think the showers/storms in Arkansas and West TN slowlyyy make their way here, if they make it at all. ETA would be sometime in the evening. HRRR model doesn’t think there are any Wattery chances but cannot rule one or two out. No widespread severe weather is expected but a storm or two could have some strong straight-line winds and some heavy rain. read more

Playing The Wattery Everyday

Muggy today, high of 93° paired with dewpoints in the low 70’s will send heat index close to the triple digits.

HRRR model thinks only a couple winning Wattery tickets will be sold today. Your guess is as good as mine as to where those winning tickets may be. No severe weather expected, but a storm or two could have some heavy rain and strong winds. read more

Typical August Weather, Ft. Help From Paintballs

It will certainly feel like August as high temps get into the low 90’s, although we could fail to make it there if cloud cover starts to dominate. Dewpoints in the low 70’s will make it feel gross. read more

August Comes In Like A T-Rex, Out Like A ?

A t-rex may seem really intimidating. However, it has such tiny arms that it kinda makes you laugh. Maybe if they hadn’t gone extinct, they’d be a lot more terrifying too, but since they are, and they can’t prove me any differently, I think the intimidation factor goes away after you laugh at their tiny arms. read more

Some Rain Out, But Meh? Heat + Humidity Returns This Week

Most of the rain today stayed west. Tonight the heaviest showers will be south. Few showers possible later this afternoon and tonight:

We are not worried about any severe weather.

Recently we’ve seen the heaviest rain over Will Co. and parts of Nashville south of I-40: read more

Dry(??) Saturday, Wet Sunday, Back To “Normal” Next Week

Models are like your next-door neighbors. You think they are good people, and you feel like you can somewhat trust them. But then you hear that one story about them from ’08 and you start reconsidering everything you’ve ever thought about them. read more

Super Soaking Rain This Morning, Maybe More This Weekend?

Some real drought busting rain moving through this morning. Watch out for water over roads and as always, turn around, don’t drown.

HRRR model thinks the current rain moves out by a bit after lunchtime. It then thinks, emphasis on thinks, we stay clear for the remainder of the day. I have my doubts about this, our atmosphere will still be water-loaded. The Wattery may hand out more winning tickets, and they may not be as rare as the one-billion-dollar winning ticket. Outdoor planners stay connected and informed but so far looks okay. If storms do form, more chances of flash flooding and a low probability of a strong storm or two. Not worried about tornadoes. read more

A Lot More Chances For Rain. Also Drought Update.

Good news is,

Temps are on the downward trend (for now) as we may not get to 90° today, and only mid 80’s this weekend. Bad news, dewpoints will still be not-so-kind and be in the low 70’s. Also mid 90’s return next week in case you missed them. read more

Low-Probability Of Flash Flooding + Damaging Winds On Repeat

You very well may feel like you are in the movie ‘Groundhog Day’. At least it’s not cold?

“When will it rain at my house?”

“Maybe sometime this afternoon.”

“That’s so vague, why can’t you promise a time?” read more