Warmer, More Humidity This Week

Fog is mixing out this morning. It was pretty bad in spots.

No controversy about rain today. Perfect for Titans football.

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Humidity Returns

Dewpoints will climb into the 60s Monday afternoon and stay there for most of the week. That means more humidity and less of that fall time feel. read more

Flash Flood Watch Through Monday; Fall Weather Approaching

Rain will continue today. HRRR shows our area getting rain from lunchtime to the evening.

These showers and storms can drop a lot of water fast which is why were under a Flash Flood Watch through Monday night. WPC has us in the 10-20% chance of a flash flood occurring. Be alert, don’t drive through flooded roads. read more

Rain Continues Today; Wet Weekend Ahead

Scattered showers and storms continue today, and coverage looks much more widespread. Storms start firing up around lunchtime and hang around into the overnight hours. Nothing severe expected, but lots of lightning, thunder, and downpours can happen with these. The potential for rain/lightning delays to anything outdoors exists. Radar will definitely be handy today. read more

Dry Weather Continues; Temperatures Rising Through Next Week

Sun today and temps in the low 80s. Dewpoint should hang out in the upper 50’s, so no need to worry about feeling sticky. Thank you surface high pressure.

HRRR shows nothing in terms of rain, all outdoor weekend plans are safe. read more

Rainy Sunday; Dry Labor Day & Week Ahead

A big blob of bleh moved into our area this morning. Lingering rain moves through our area the rest of the day. Nothing severe. See HRRR below:

Rain becomes way more patchy after the initial round this morning. Some areas will get more rain than others. Looks like things should clear up around 6, so anything outdoors in the evening shouldn’t be at risk of rain. read more

Drier and Cooler Pattern Continues Through Saturday; Next Chance of Rain Sunday

“Low humidity and mild temperatures will make today and Friday fantastic”.

Words straight from the NWS.

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Alright, now let’s talk about why Thursday is looking so fantastic. High temps will be in the low 80’s & dewpoints will be in the high 50’s. Talk about a comfortable day. Ida took all the moisture with it I guess, and we are not complaining. read more

Low Chance for Rain Today and Tomorrow; Ida Impacts Next Week

Woo you made it to Friday! Now let’s talk weather.

Friday for the most part is looking sunny. Temps in the low-mid 90’s coupled with dewpoints in the low 70’s will make it feel pretty hot and humid. Deodorant is our friend. read more

Wet Weekend Ahead; Drier and Warmer Pattern For Next Week

Scattered storms from last night have lingered around and are still in our area this morning. HRRR has these storms hanging around most of the day. No severe weather is expected with these. Main concern is lightning and gusty winds. read more

Heat Advisory Continues Today; “Cooler” Temps Ahead

A heat advisory is still in effect for our area today 11 AM – 8 PM CDT. This portion of the blog will read similar to yesterday’s, but heat safety is important.

Heat indicies from 100 to 110 degrees are possible today. The past couple days have been miserable, we know. The NWS says today will be the “miserablest”. If you have to be outside in this heat, staying hydrated, shade, and air conditioning are key. A great graphic was included in yesterday’s blog about signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It is included again below if you didn’t have the chance to glance over it. read more

Heat & Humidity Increase

Hot and humid again today. Dewpoints hover in the upper 60°s today.

Rain should probably not be an issue today. HRRR shows nothing in our area all day, and then in the evening a tiny shower skirts over our area. Even if rain does happen it should be brief. read more