Sunny Close out to the Weekend, Rain Tomorrow

Sunshine remains in the forecast today. No rain. Enjoy!

Rain returns on Monday. It won’t be much, but it will be here. HRRR thinks wet stuff arrives late morning / just before lunch. Some of the showers could bring brief heavy downpours, but nothing severe is expected, and they won’t last all day. A second round of rain could develop in the evening Monday. See gif below: read more

Showers Later This Afternoon & Tonight; Rain Wednesday PM

Showers from this morning should dissipate as we head into the afternoon. This lull in rain will be the best time for any easter egg hunts today. HRRR thinks showers pick back up later into the afternoon, with a more steady rain this evening. You might hear a few rumbles of thunder, but nothing to worry about. read more

Still Watching Wednesday

Sunday will be warm and sunny. A little breezy, too. Perfect day to get outside, enjoy it because rain is coming.

Monday will bring on and off rain showers and storms. Classic spring weather. Expect more “off” than “on” rain. Nothing severe is expected. There could be some lightning and thunder, but that’s it. ETA looks to be just before lunchtime. See HRRR below: read more

Sunny Today & Tomorrow; Rain and Maybe a Few Storms Tuesday & Wednesday

The weekend will closeout nice. Temps in the mid 60’s, sunshine, and no rain. Perfect day to get outside, unless you have allergies. Pollen = yikes.

Monday will be similar to today. Sunny with slightly warmer temps. The GFS model thinks we could get a shower or two tomorrow night. I wouldn’t count on it, but if it were to occur it will be brief and shouldn’t ruin any plans. read more

Potential for Strong Storms Wednesday

The HRRR shows a tiny shower may effect us this evening, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Tomorrow looks the same as today, just no frost in the morning. Similar temps in the mid 50’s. Sunshine during the day. read more

Lots of Rain Tuesday

Happy first day of Spring!

The dry weekend will continue into today. Lots of sun, no rain, temps in the 60’s. Tomorrow is a repeat of today with slightly warmer temps.

Rain returns Tuesday. A powerful storm system to our southwest will move south of us and eventually bring us not severe weather, but heavy rain. read more

Warmer Temps on the Way; Staying Dry Today

This morning the temps were really cold. Temps in the teens when accounting for wind chill. By the time you’re reading this the temps will have warmed into the mid 50’s. This along with minimal cloud cover will help melt any remaining snow. read more

Monday Morning Severe Storms Possible

High temps continue today, we should reach the upper 70’s. Windy, we’ve already seen gusts up to 25-30 mph.

There is a chance for showers and storms today, but probably not. The HRRR model thinks most of it will miss us and stay just north. Here’s what that looks like: read more

Warmer, Dry Week Ahead

The overnight rain is long gone.

Temps won’t break 50 today, so after all this rain it may feel pretty chilly. Clouds will clear. See cloud cover gif below:

After today it is sun, sun, and more sun. No rain is expected during the weekdays. Temps climb throughout the week, with highs peaking around 70 this Thursday. Those warm temps should continue into the weekend. read more

Flooding and Severe Weather Possible Today

Today’s weather is not going to be ideal. Here’s what’s up.

The main action for us starts around noon (note: it might happen before noon for those of you north of I-40, this ETA may change so check our twitter before “relying” on any one ETA). read more