Warming Up, Little Bit of Rain Friday Night

Warm Up after Subfreezing Temperatures

We hit 30°F before sunrise. Bit of a scare for those who have already planted their gardens. Temperatures are expected to rebound nicely afternoon. High around 60°F.

A high pressure system is in place to make sure it stays sunny. Lows tonight will dip back into the upper 30s. Some frost may still be possible in many spots, though another hard freeze is not expected. read more

Damaging Winds, Large Hail, and an Isolated Tornado Possible Late Tonight

Our severe weather risk has been upgraded and could very well be upgraded again later today by the Storm Prediction Center. We are looking at a damaging wind and large hail event for tonight through the early morning hours. A tornado is less likely, but possible. read more

Cloudy but Dry Weekend, Rain Returns Next Week

AM Showers Dissipate, Cloudy but Pleasant

We have a few light showers to our northwest. A sprinkle or two that may or may not reach us before noon. Other than that, expect clouds and a high near 75°F.

Cloudy for Sunday, Low Rain Chances

The warm trend continues. High temperature is about the same for Sunday. Chance of showers will linger but will be low. read more

Saturday’s Severe Storm Risk Shifted West.

Drying out and Warming Up

It’s cloudy. We hope to see these clouds disappear by this afternoon. Right now, this is what satellite looks like.

You can see these low clouds hanging over us. If I could animate this, you would see these clouds beginning to erode to our east. read more

Rain Returns on Sunday, Another Chance at Storms on Tuesday

A Rain Free Saturday

A break from the rain gives us a quiet Saturday. We have a few clouds, no big deal.

It’s also a bit chilly today, along with that northeast wind. We know it is spring but keep that jacket nearby for now. The high will be around 55°F today. Our low tonight will dip into the upper 30°s. read more

Rain Off and On Today, “On” Tonight, Nice Sunday, More Rain Next Week (Storms?).

Off and On Rain Today

At 9:07 AM a little rain was coming in.

Off and on rain during the day. Rain will be scattered all across Middle Tennessee. Tonight, around 8 PM (give or take a few hours), rain turns on.

A half inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain total. No severe weather. read more

Some Rain Today, Strong/Severe Storms Possible Thursday PM

Rain this Afternoon

Today’s atmosphere is stable and unsupportive of severe weather. As I’m writing this, all data indicates no instability which is key to making big storms. Other ingredients necessary to support severe weather are also missing today. read more

Cool and Pleasant, Light Rain Showers Return Monday

Rain Free Weekend

We started off cold, with lows below freezing in some areas.

This will melt away as our high approaches the mid 50°s. ENE wind will make it chilly today.

Sunny and no rain for both today or tomorrow. Sunday looks to be similar. read more

A few comments about the tornado, then Hunter delivers the forecast.

Editor’s Note: You’ve poured love, encouragement, and support into @NashSevereWx for years, but never like we’ve felt in the past 36 hours. We love you guys, we love weather, we hate tornadoes, we hate the lost life, injuries, destruction. read more

Light Rain Off/On Today, Possible No-Consequence Flurries Tonight, Rinse and Repeat for Friday

Rain Today, No Worries Flurries Tonight

Rain Rain, Go Away.

It’s not going away. It’s rainy season.

Afternoon high today 44°F, cooler thanks to cloud cover. Rain chances increase tonight. It will also be a bit windy, with gusts as high as 20 MPH. Chilly. read more