Showers (Maybe Storms) Wednesday and Thursday.

Scattered Showers Prevail Wednesday

Scattered showers are already popping up this morning. Expect this to continue throughout the day today.

The HRRR model shows most of the showers impacting Williamson/Davidson this morning and early this afternoon. The larger wave of rain this evening should miss us to the north. read more

Winter’s Unwelcome Return, Featuring Frost Advisory Tonight (Cover Your Plants)

Clouds Clearing and Leaving Behind Chilly Temperatures

Satellite imagery from this morning shows clouds thinning out following the passage of the cold front last night.

As the day progresses, we should see more and more sunshine peeking through. Strong northwesterly winds will allow the chill in the air to persist though. Wind chill temperatures likely won’t surpass 50º. read more

A Few Showers But Likely No Rainouts This Weekend

Cool, Dry Friday

A layer of clouds sits over Middle Tennessee this morning. The cloud cover may thin at points today to allow sunshine to peek through.

Temperatures Friday will remain on the cool-but-pleasant side of things. High temperatures should reach 66º. read more

Looking Good, Nashville!

It’s a “Hold Onto Your Hat” Kind of Day

Winds may gust up to 30 mph this afternoon.

This is what we like to see on satellite–a whole lotta nothing:

Some clouds sitting to our north associated with a low pressure system won’t impede our sunshine today. read more

Rain/Maybe Storms Tonight, and More Rain for the Weekend

Rain Beginning Overnight

Wednesday should remain warm and dry until this evening. Rain will move into Middle Tennessee tonight.


The HRRR shows rain approaching both counties just before midnight. Rain should last through the overnight hours and clear by the morning. read more

What Season Is It Again?

Happy spr-winter, the weird in-between season that only Nashville experiences.
(Side note: When you write about the weather, you also have the ability to create fake seasons.)

Cold for One More Day

We will be warmer than yesterday, but “warm” is a relative term. Our high temperature is expected to reach about 55º. The sun will be out shining all day! read more

Cold Mornings Ahead–Protect Beloved Plants!

Chilly Start to April

The temperatures this morning are no April Fool’s joke!

High temperatures will have to stretch to hit 50º by this afternoon. The climatological high for this time of year is around 65º, so we’re far below normal. read more

Prepare for More Rain Tuesday Night Through Wednesday.

Sunshine & Clear Until Tuesday Evening

Look out for patchy frost this morning–your reminder that in Nashville, we can never really be sure what season it is. We will warm up this afternoon thanks to plenty of sunshine!

Tomorrow will look similar with even warmer temperatures. read more

Severe Storms Possible Today. Remain Weather Aware All Day.

If you only take one thing away from this blog please remember this: Stay connected all day today. We will be updating you on Twitter (@NashSevereWx) all day. We will go on YouTube Live if a warning is issued in either of our two counties. Do not read this blog and tune out. Things will change as this situation develops. read more

Severe Storms Possible Today into Tonight. Remain Weather Aware.

Two things before we get started.

First, we cover Davidson and Williamson Counties. A serious and very concerning severe weather outbreak is forecast to take place in Mississippi and Alabama today. For the purposes of this blog, we will only focus on our two counties. read more