Rain This Week

Comfortable Sunday

Beautiful weather ahead for today:

Keep in mind that as today makes a great day for clean-up efforts, crews will be out working. Volunteers are greatly appreciated, but please do not park on tornado-impacted streets as it will already be very busy in these areas. Commercial trucks and clean-up crews need room to work, so be please mindful of them. If you park in their way, they can’t work. read more

Few More Flurry Chances, Nice Weekend, Heavy Rain Next Week (Super Soggy Tuesday)

Sunny Thurs-day . . . Tonight, Flurries?

Dry and sunny with a high temperature of 45°. A little chilly, but at least no rain.

Overnight Rain/Flurries

Another “clipper system” will streak by after midnight Thursday into early Friday morning. Delivering a quick blast of rain and/or snow flurries. It’s not much. read more

Showers Later Today, Rain Monday, Possible Flurries Wednesday

Showers Possible Later Sunday, Rainy Monday

High temps today (Sunday) will reach 56°.

Light showers are possible as early as this afternoon. Rain is more likely tonight. Not everyone will see rain tonight (it’ll be scattered), but the greatest chance of seeing some sprinkles is this evening. read more

Rain Today, More Monday Night thru Tuesday Night, Colder Thurs, Drier Next Weekend

Light Showers on Sunday

Showers are currently moving into the area from the west. Nothing heavy, but enough to probably want an umbrella or some sort of buffer.

The chance of rain is low after that, but not nonexistent. Here’s the HRRR model through tonight: read more

Colder! Next Rain Event Early Next Week

Rain Clears out Thursday

Besides some potential drizzle, the rain finally clears out today. If this is your reaction reading this, we understand.

Clouds linger with temperatures stuck in the low 40°s.

Cool northwesterly winds will be 10-15 MPH with gusts as high as 20 MPH. This will put wind chills below freezing this afternoon. read more

Rain Incoming, Dry Weekend, Warming Trend

Rain Thursday into Friday Morning

The HRRR model shows rain moving in this afternoon (around 2pm):

The NAM3 model says rain closer to noon:

Regardless, plan for rain around lunchtime and after.

Showers will be off and on tonight through Friday, and sorry snow lovers, no snow. Those in the Plateau may see some light flurries Friday night/Saturday morning, but there will be no impacts. read more

The Cold is Here; Gradual Warm-Up this Week; Rain Chance Returns Fri

Dry and Cold Sunday

At 10:00 AM it was 34°, the wind chill was making it feel like the mid-20°s.

High temperatures today will reach 36°, but northwest winds will keep bringing in cold air, making it feel like the 20°s all day. read more

Saturday Rain Maker, Much Colder Temps Move in Sunday

Dry Thursday and Friday

High temperatures today (Thursday) will reach 49°. Winds will be 10-15 MPH with gusts as high as 20 MPH.

Friday will reach 48°. Showers in the afternoon/evening are possible, but we aren’t really counting on them. If we see any, they will be light and brief. read more

Dry Sunday and Monday; Next Rain Chances begin Monday Night, Off & On thru the Weekend

Sunday and Monday: Quiet

High temperatures today (Sunday) will reach 54° with mostly cloudy skies.

Monday looks the same but with a high of 64°.

This is a nice break after the very windy and rainy weather we had yesterday.

Rain This Week

… and there is no end in sight (just kidding, but it may feel like it). A few active weather patterns look to bring the chance of rain to the area all week. read more

Rain Begins Friday, Very Windy 48 Hours Ahead; Heaviest Rain/Storms (Some Possibly Severe) Saturday

Warm & Windy (62°) Thursday

15 to 20 MPH winds with gusts as high as 30 MPH. Secure hats and lightweight aunts.

It’ll be windy Friday and especially Saturday.

Rain Begins Friday, Storms (Strong/Severe Possible) Saturday


The GFS model shows light, scattered showers late Friday, with the heaviest rain and storms sweeping through Saturday afternoon: read more