Warm First Day of December; Sprinkles this Evening

Happy first day of Meteorological Winter and December (editor’s note: not real winter. That comes December 21. Carry on.)! It’s not beginning to look or feel like Christmas at all for the rest of the work week. Temps hit the upper 60’s today which is about 10 deg above average. The warming trend continues till Friday eventually heating up to the low 70’s. It’s definitely going to be one of those “heat in the morning and AC in the afternoon” kind of next couple days. read more

Happy Turkey Day! Expect a Side of Rain

The rain is here, obviously. Off and on, light, and gross looking outside for the rest of the day.

HRRR run from 7am to 9pm. Showers clear out around 8pm.

Wind, rain and cold temps aren’t the best mixture so any outdoor plans for today are pretty much a gotta really want it. read more

Warm Today; Showers Roll in Overnight

Warm today with temps creeping up to the mid 70’s and wind gusts up to 30 mph. A cold front passes through early tomorrow morning. HRRR has sprinkles in our counties starting around midnight with the bulk of the system starting around 2am. Heaviest rain is overnight. Leave a tad early tomorrow as the rain persists during the morning commute. Showers move out by 11am. No severe weather is tagging along. read more

Rainy+Windy=Yucky Today

HRRR is sticking to 10am for the cold front passing through. Showers will persist till around 5-6pm ish. Heaviest rain will be from 10-3pm. Most of our area will see below 0.5″ of rain, but probably still enough to second guess outdoor plans. Thunderstorms aren’t being ruled out so if you are keeping outdoor plans for Veteran’s Day, keep an ear out for thunder. Wind gusts up to 30 mph with sustained winds <17 mph will be present. No severe weather is expected. read more

Rain+Wind Tomorrow; Colder Weekend

Soak in the above average temps and sun today. Tomorrow a cold front comes through our area. Rain will arrive right around 10am. If you have an outdoor celebrations for Veterans day, there may be a location change or alterations needed. HRRR below has showers out of our counties by the time you’re headed home from work, 5pm-ish. read more

Another Freeze Warning Friday Morning, But Warming This Weekend

The wind will make it feel like we’re in the upper 20’s – low 30’s after midnight into Friday morning. A Freeze Warning is in effect for midnight to 9 AM. Keep those plants covered for at least one more night. read more

Freeze Warning Tonight; Similar Conditions Tomorrow

Whoever started listening to Christmas music on November 1st, don’t say you didn’t ask for this weather. Temps don’t get out of the low 50’s today. We’re in the low 30’s just in time for the start to your day tomorrow. The wind chill is going to make it feel like it’s in the upper 20’s, WHAT?! read more

Rain Continues Into The Weekend

The heaviest rain today is on its way out. HRRR has scattered showers for the rest of today. A thunderstorm or two is possible mid-afternoon to evening. These will just bring wind gusts and quick downpours, no severe weather. read more

Rain Begins Overnight

Today is the last dry day of the work week. A low pressure system is heading our way, bringing in showers and storms from overnight tonight, running off and on to Saturday.

HRRR loop below shows rain arriving just around midnight tonight with another round of heavier rain in the morning. read more

Early Afternoon Rain/Storm Event; Cooler Tomorrow

Radar is quiet right now (mid morning). Showers and storms are expected to develop during, or shortly after, lunch, and we won’t see them coming on radar. They should form right on top of us.

The HRRR model below illustrates. read more