Rain, Then Brrrr

The forecast has remained pretty consistent over the last few days. The two stories from the last couple of days remain the two stories for today.

Rain Tonight Into Tomorrow Morning

We’ll be affected by two systems. The remnants of Nicole from our east. A strong cold front from our west. As these two systems interact, we expect rain to begin overnight and last until tomorrow afternoon. HRRR loop 4:00 pm today – 7:00 pm Friday. read more

Rain Thursday Night Into Friday; Major Cooldown

Two stories for today. First, Nicole will be making landfall on the east coast of Florida in the next 24 hours. If you have interests in Florida and need more info on impacts there, reference the National Hurricane Center. read more

Hang On While I Move Inside

Ok, I’m back. Just as I was about to start typing, sprinkles began appearing on my laptop for the second day in a row. We really do think these will dissipate and not be a big deal today. Most won’t see them at all. read more

Who Ordered The Extra Sprinkles

They’ve been stubborn. Their estimated time of departure? Elusive. The sprinkles and light rain showers today shhhhould be gone by this evening. But, as this is being written, another round is moving SW to NE through Williamson Co. read more

Dry Air Monster Returns; Rain Chances Return for the Weekend

So, the sprinkles. A couple of models had indicated that we could get some rain today, but most said nope. The forecast leaned dry. For the most part the showers that have developed have been mere sprinkles. Reason? Our friend (or foe) the Dry Air Monster. He’s not very strong today, but he’s there, visible on the morning weather balloon…eating rain as it falls through the air. read more

Temps Increasing; Low Rain Chances for the Weekend

71° today, steadily increasing to near 80° this weekend. Average for this time of year is around 67°

Weekend Rain

Rain chances come back late Saturday into Sunday. Latest Euro model thinks we’ll see a half inch or less. Timing is ?? But will become more clear as we get closer. Severe weather and/or flash flooding is not expected. read more

Isolated Light Showers This Afternoon, Evening; Above Average Temps This Week

Rain amounts over the last 24 hours came in right around forecast amounts; generally somewhere around two tenths of an inch. Probably didn’t get your local creek flowing, but every little bit helps add moisture to the soil under our feet. As trees and grass go dormant for the winter, rain will be able to make it to our waterways more easily. read more

Cooler Today, Rain Returns for the Weekend

We got a decent rain yesterday, which was great. Best of all, no severe weather. Rain amounts were generally around a half inch. Officially .51″ at BNA. We’ll take it! Cocorahs rain reports below. read more

Fall Leaves + Wind = Leaf Blower

I got a very generous birthday present yesterday. My very own Ego 650 CFM battery powered leaf blower….a perfect gift for an October birthday. It’s going straight to use.

Today, the breeze will almost surely drop some leaves. But, at least it will be a warm breeze. Temps up to 78° this afternoon. read more

Low Rain Amounts Expected Tuesday

Drought continues. A new seasonal drought forecast from the Climate Prediction Center isn’t encouraging. They forecast the drought to continue for us and continue to develop over the rest of the Southeast. read more