On/Off Rain Thursday Night Through Saturday Night

I woke up this morning to the [wonderful] smell of our turkey brine simmering on the stove. Bird’s now soaking in that goodness in the fridge. Tomorrow’s the day.

Tomorrow’s also the day when our next system brings us some very beneficial rainfall. But, can the rain hold off until you wrap up your backyard football game? Maybe. read more

Thanksgiving Day Forecast; Rainy Weekend

If you feel like your hands, lips and sinuses are dry, it’s because the air is at a nearly record low moisture level, per NWS. Some things you can do to help are breathing steam, use a humidifier at night, lotion and drink plenty of water. While high water intake is typically a summer thing, it’s also important this time of year for both you and your animals when the air gets super dry. Drink plenty of water! read more

Rain Still Anticipated Thanksgiving Night Through Friday

As a young lad growing up in Nashville there was a morning newspaper and an evening newspaper. This is your evening newspa…. uhh… blog.

So, today was better. 55° was our high. Warmer each day all the way to Thanksgiving Day with highs in the low to mid-60s. read more

NashSevereWx and Twitter

The story of NashSevereWx began in 2010…on Twitter. In 2011, we had 100 followers. Twitter has been our home. It’s the best way to get information to you in a chronological fashion and for you to get information to us. We’ve become efficient in our process of communication on Twitter. It has worked well. read more

Cold Continues, Drought Eases Somewhat

Let’s start with the good news. The latest US Drought Monitor map (released today) has removed the area of severe drought from both counties. We got downgraded to moderate drought. Hopefully soil moisture and drought impacts can improve greatly over the winter. We’re not there yet, but heading in the right direction. read more

Cold and Dry Through the Weekend

Winter-lovers rejoice. Your time has come.

Temps will be running well short of our average high of 60° for this time of year. In fact, we don’t make it out of the 40s for highs until Monday. Should have plenty of sunshine though. Lows will generally be in the mid-20s. read more

Hey Alaska. Come get your weather.

  • The average high for Nashville today is 60°. If only.
  • Rain has moved out (save for a few sprinkles or some drizzle).
  • There’s really only one story this week, and that is the continuing cold weather, especially late week. Thursday through Sunday temps probably won’t get above 45°, again, roughly 20° below normal.
  • We could get a passing flurry Wednesday night, according to the HRRR. No big deal. Loop 4 pm through 1 am Wednesday/Thursday.

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Support the mission. read more

Rain Tonight; Cold Weather Continues

Sun today will give way to unsettled weather tonight. Rain should enter the area around 10:00 pm and continue overnight, ending around lunchtime Tuesday. 12z HRRR:

No severe weather or flooding concerns with this system…just a cold rain…about a third of an inch should be common,. read more

Rain, Then Brrrr

The forecast has remained pretty consistent over the last few days. The two stories from the last couple of days remain the two stories for today.

Rain Tonight Into Tomorrow Morning

We’ll be affected by two systems. The remnants of Nicole from our east. A strong cold front from our west. As these two systems interact, we expect rain to begin overnight and last until tomorrow afternoon. HRRR loop 4:00 pm today – 7:00 pm Friday. read more

Rain Thursday Night Into Friday; Major Cooldown

Two stories for today. First, Nicole will be making landfall on the east coast of Florida in the next 24 hours. If you have interests in Florida and need more info on impacts there, reference the National Hurricane Center. read more