‘Twas A Bit Less Windy Today, Rain-Free Til Wednesday

As they say, some of the prettiest weather occurs after a significant storm, and that we had.

Yesterday’s thunderstorms ended up not really being the main story. While there was wind damage associated with the storms themselves, we made it out without any tornadoes locally. Most of the wind damage of the day came after the storms departed and unfortunately, claimed a couple of lives here in Middle Tennessee. That’s news we certainly hated to hear.

A High Wind Warning had been issued, which warned us that gusts on the order of 60 mph were possible. Now, I’ve lived in Nashville for over 30 years. I’ve about seen it all here. But, I’ve not seen a day like we had yesterday.

What ensued post-storms was basically a multi-county-wide severe thunderstorm wind damage event. While most severe thunderstorms produce relatively narrow swaths of wind damage (localized), the winds we got yesterday were of severe thunderstorm strength on just about everyone, and they lasted a long time. The longer they lasted, the more damage was done, particularly to the electric infrastructure. See NWS Nashville’s explanation of why we had what we had: (if you have dark mode on this website, you may need to turn it off to read the text)

Quick look at the forecast

Highs of 70 on Sunday and 80 on Monday kick off the week. We’ll stay rain free til maybe Wednesday or Wednesday night when an unsettled weather pattern kicks in through the end of the week into the weekend.

We’ll talk more about that as we get closer.

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