Wind Chill Advisory Through Sunday Morning

The brutal cold is the big story. More on that in just a bit. First, quick note about the snow.

Light snow showers across the area have been stubborn to dissipate today with some sites still reporting light snow or flurries ongoing this afternoon. So a dusting or a quick half inch of snow isn`t out of the question still through this afternoon, but all of this should wind down within the next few hours. NWS Nashville

If you get a quick burst of snow, roads can deteriorate quickly on a local level, even if just for a few minutes. Take it easy out there. read more

Check Your Storm Drains and Gutters, Rain’s Coming!

Forecast rain amounts have increased in the last 24 hours, with widespread 2-3 inch rainfall expected between Friday evening and Sunday evening.

Now that the leaves have fallen, this is a good time to check the drainage on your property and clear out any gutters/drains/culverts/ditches that are designed to carry water away. While the flood threat is low, clogged drains could create an issue. read more

High Temperature Records In Jeopardy

Record highs in Nashville for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are 79°, 80° and 83°, according to the National Weather Service. If we don’t tie or break those records this week, we’ll be awfully close. We’ll cool off behind a cold front for the weekend, but still not seeing any freezing temps in the long range computer models. read more

“I Lift My Gaze to Empty Skies Above”

Temps stay very comfortable over the next week or so with cool nights and warm days. No freezing temperatures in the 7-day forecast. Listen closely, and you’ll hear your mums rejoice.

The Water Sitch

“I dream of rain; I dream of gardens in the desert sand. I dream of rain; I lift my gaze to empty skies above.” read more

Location, Location, Location

Whether you’ve seen rain today all depends on where you are. Some have seen a lot and got a flood advisory out of it. Some haven’t had a drop. Rain totals as of 11:12 am (Radar Estimates, NOT Observations): read more

Storm Chances Return Saturday-Monday

If you slept through the storms early this morning, grats. The lightning output was pretty incredible, and we saw a brief wind gust that damaged a tree or two in S Brentwood.

Decent rain amounts too, especially in central Williamson Co. read more

Dry Streak Comes To An End This Weekend

Rain will be a welcome sight to many this weekend…unless you have outdoor plans. Latest U.S. Drought Monitor has us as “abnormally dry.” Sounds right.

Hi-Res Models, which are just coming into view, generally agree that scattered showers and storms will arrive Sunday morning. That’s about all we can get from those models right now….because that’s as far out as they go. The lower-res models pick up from there and keep rain off/on all day Sunday into Sunday night. read more

Late Night for the Swifties, Warm Temps, Scattered Storms

Word is the Swifties had a late night. Our correspondents Amy and Catherine reported it was declared an official rain show. Described as “iconic” and “memorable.” All’s well that ends well. read more

Couple of Small Rain Chances Next Week

Models are having a hard time with rain chances over the next few days, but it appears there are two windows of opportunity for rain next week.

  • Overnight Sunday into early Monday morning – Could get a thunderstorm or two, but mostly just showers, if anything.
  • Monday night into early Tuesday morning – Another relatively small chance for rain. No big deal.

We’re going to keep an eye on the end of the work week. A somewhat organized system could come together to our west and come through here late week. Way too early for details, but we 👀 any system that can get organized this time of year. read more

Overnight Freezes Continue, Rain Returns Mid-Week

🥶Hard freeze tonight and Sunday night. Regular ole freeze Monday night. Early blooms ain’t gonna like it.

I think I’m going to just cover everything with bedsheets and leave it for 4 days. It’ll look like a yard sale, but I don’t care. lol read more