Rain Ending - Colder with More Rain Chances Later This Week

Morning rain will end during lunch. A few hit/miss showers may drive by your place this afternoon, otherwise cloudy with a few breaks of sunshine for some. HRRR model through 7 PM today below:

Colder air later this week, wind chills near freezing Weds morning with colder mornings after that. read more

Not The Best Forecast For Reindeer, Wet + Windy First Half of Christmas

Gorgeous weather for Christmas Eve, temperatures have crept up into the mid to upper 60s.

Clouds will increase as we go throughout the day, hinting at the incoming rain.

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Rough Ride For Rudolph

Not only will rain pick up overnight, but so will the wind. read more

And Why Is The Carpet All Wet, Todd?

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Because it’s been raining, Margo.

On/off rain has been moving thru throughout the day, and chances will continue thru this evening. You can check the radar anytime here: Radar – Nashville Severe Weather read more

What A Difference A Year Makes, Rainy Christmas Expected

A year ago today, I wrote the blog about temperatures expected to get around 0°, wind chills -20° to -30°, with a Winter Storm Warning along with it. NWS Nashville put together a page about this event, you can click here if you’d like to read. read more

Getting Thru the Shortest Day (Light) of the Year to Get to the Longer Ones

The sun set at 4:36pm today, that’s quite sad. Thankfully, the sun will set later in the day from now on.

Winter will officially begin at 9:27pm, when the Winter Solstice occurs. However, based on the forecast, it sure doesn’t feel that way. read more

Scattered Showers Possible This Weekend, Mild and Wet Christmas

The low 50s today have felt a lot better than the 30s and 40s we’ve been dealing with. We’ll continue to warm each day this week, even making to the mid 60s by Christmas Eve.

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That is quite mild for this time of year, although not unheard of. read more

Rain Possible This Weekend Into Christmas

Very chilly start to the day, and we’ll have a few more of those this week. Wednesday – Friday mornings temps will be around/below freezing.

We didn’t make it pass the low 40s today, thankfully the rest of the week temps will get into the 50s, even the 60s by late week. read more

Cold + Windy Tuesday AM, Warming Trend This Week

Temps are dropping thanks to a fierce NW wind gusting at about 25-35mph.

Temps around sunrise Tuesday morning will be in the low 20s, with wind chills in the teens.

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High temperatures will gradually rise throughout the week, getting into the low 60s by the weekend. read more

The S Word, Wind, and Wet Santa?

Rumors of sNOw have been flying around; however, our time for accumulating snowfall is not in the forecast.

Depiction of the chance these areas could see more than 1/4" of snow on Monday afternoon

Air aloft will be cold enough to support some snow falling from the sky, but our surface temperatures will be too warm for any of it to stick. You may see a few snowflakes, but they’d melt on contact with the ground. read more

On/Off Rain Quttin’ Sunday AM, Blustery Monday

On and off light rain is moving into the area.

HRRR (above) shows the rain ending early Sunday morning. We should be dry for your drive to church, brunch, Titans game.

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Rainfall totals look like not an awful lot, only 0.25″ – 0.5″. read more