Storms incoming predawn/sunrise tomorrow (Weds) morning. Lightning and briefly heavy rain. Severe weather not expected. Storms lacking key ingredient: CAPE, which is near zero.

Weds afternoon/evening remains questionable. Previous models showed storms in place, with plenty of storm-making ingredients. While the tornado threat appears to be well north of us, the atmosphere could support heavy downpours, lightning, and low probability of damaging winds and hail. However, the last several model runs do not show any storm formation after the storms that will come through early in the morning. read more

Rain arrives early Tuesday evening if you want to believe the HRRR model. Never believe one run of one model. Remain curious for future runs. Understand rainouts/interruptions will be possible Tuesday night. read more

731 PM one thunderstorm is tossing CG lightning heading along and south of I-840. Other scattered rain showers ready to make some of that chilly rain no one likes. Ok maybe some of y’all like it. No severe, no worries. read more

Travel Alert: Large hailstorm about to cross I-24 near Clarksville, TN/KY line. If you’re coming back from the eclipse and stuck in traffic there, maybe pull off. This storm is legit.

1:00 PM cloud update. Most of us will get Adventure Science Centered. Partial Local Eclipse in just over an hour.

Noon cloud update. Partial eclipse in 2 hrs.

11 AM satellite update. Eclipse in 3 hours. 2:06 PM is what I’m reading.

No concerns. Go back to sleep. Rain, infrequent lightning coming through. Winds are fine. No hail. No chance of tornado. We good, fam.

Weak thunderstorms on radar. Not a big deal. Go back to sleep if they wake you.

In this update: (1) Storms Late Tonight. (2) Eclipse Cloud Cover guesses.

(1) Storms Late Tonight.

ETA midnight tonight, ETD 4 AM. Timing may change.

Heavy rain, lightning likely.

Severe (tornado, damaging straight line winds, hail) unlikely. We’re not outlooked by SPC. Those outlooks apply west of us. read more