Rain Chances Saturday PM - Sunday AM

Another beautiful December day. High temps once again reached the low 60s, several degrees above norm.

Seems like most weekends we end up with some rain chances. Thankfully this weekend we don’t have to deal with any storms, just rain. read more

Showers Saturday PM Into Sunday AM; Look Away Snow Lovers

Another December day that doesn’t feel like December.

Plenty of sun propelled high temperatures into the low 60s. Temps will fall down into the low 30s tonight.

Friday will be a copy and paste of what we had with today. read more

Iffy Weekend Rain Chances

For a mid-December day, the weather is treating us well. Plenty of sun got high temps up into the upper 50s, we’ll fall back down to around freezing tonight.

Thursday and Friday will be copy and paste, mild afternoons, cold nights. read more

Cold Mornings and Mild Afternoons

Started out with temps below freezing this morning, but plenty of sunshine has propelled our temperatures into the mid to upper 50s.

This will be a reoccurring theme throughout the work week.

Rain chances will increase Saturday/Sunday thanks to a low-pressure system to our south. Usually around this time of year, if we mention a low-pressure system to our south, we’d normally have to talk about snow. However, with no cold air in place, we’ll be stuck with just rain chances. read more

Uneventful Week Ahead

With high pressure dominating the region, we’ll be in a calm, unchanging weather pattern for a while. I like calm.

Besides today, with high temps in the mid 40s, the rest of the week we’ll see highs in the mid to upper 50s. AM temps will be around freezing. read more

Calm and Cool Weather Ahead

A cool day is made colder by a jerk wind from the NW, making it feel several degrees colder than it actually is.

Thankfully, calm weather is in the forecast for this week. No rain in the forecast until maybe Saturday. read more

Tornado Watch Until 7pm, Severe Weather Potential This Afternoon/Evening

A Tornado Watch has been issued for both of our counties until 7pm tonight.

Our probabilities from the Storm Prediction Center are:

  • 15% chance of damaging straight-line winds within 25 miles
  • 15% chance of severe hail within 25 miles
  • 10% of a tornado within 25 miles (10% or greater chance of EF2+ tornado)

Our main threat today continues to be damaging straight-line winds, but severe hail and a tornado or two cannot be ruled out. read more

Severe Weather Chances Saturday Afternoon/Evening

It’s been… /checks calendar/ …a while since we’ve talked about any severe weather chances.

Although it is December, this is not unusual for us. We are in the midst of our second severe weather season, and although it has been quiet/non-existent so far, it has finally awoken. read more

Check Your Storm Drains and Gutters, Rain’s Coming!

Forecast rain amounts have increased in the last 24 hours, with widespread 2-3 inch rainfall expected between Friday evening and Sunday evening.

Now that the leaves have fallen, this is a good time to check the drainage on your property and clear out any gutters/drains/culverts/ditches that are designed to carry water away. While the flood threat is low, clogged drains could create an issue. read more

Needed Rain Coming This Weekend

National Blend of Models predicts 2″ of rain this weekend.

BEST GUESS TIMING. Most likely start time between 6 PM to midnight Saturday night. Ending around lunch Sunday. It’s possible rain could arrive as early as noon Saturday and end earlier Sunday morning -or- start later Saturday night and linger into Sunday afternoon. read more