Still Warming Up, Possible Weekend Showers

High pressure has set in… last day of zero rain chances. Relatively comfortable highs around 80 thanks to low dewps. Great day for your outdoor plans.

Rain chances start to go up tomorrow through the weekend. They’re low until Sunday. This is the time frame we’re watching for showers. read more

Warmer Temps On the Way + Weekend Rain?

A cool morning turning into a pleasantly warm day. Super dry atmosphere = clear skies and lots of sunshine.

A surface ridge will bring us progressively warmer temps in the coming days. Highs in the 80s by the weekend. Well above average this time of year. Extra moisture will come with it. A little more cloud coverage and rain chances start to creep in over the weekend. read more

Showers Tomorrow Night, Then Warming Way Up

Mild temps and clear skies today… down in the low 40s tonight. No frost concerns this time. Probability of another spring frost event drops under 10% from this point on, per the NWS. Not impossible, but odds are low that we see another. read more

Someone Ordered A Frost Advisory

We’ll warm up this afternoon as skies clear a bit. Pleasantly cool today.

Tomorrow morning we get close to freezing.

NWS Blend of Models Wind Chill Values, Mon. 12pm – Wed. 1am

Lows tomorrow morning in the mid to low 30s. Patchy frost is possible. A Frost Advisory includes Davidson Co, not Williamson Co. Possibly (one of) the last frost(s) before the growing season. Stick with it and cover your plants! They will greatly appreciate it. read more

Severe Weather Risk Tonight

Scattered showers throughout the area so far this morning. Note that this is NOT the potentially severe event of the day. We’ll have a break in the rain this afternoon before tonight’s line of storms. read more

Colder Air Settling In, More Rain Tomorrow

Temps down a good bit from yesterday. Mostly quiet today except for maybe an inconsequential PM shower or two.

HRRR Composite Reflectivity, Thu. 5pm – Thu. 11pm

Chances for rain go up tomorrow. Scattered showers throughout the day. No strong/severe storms expected… Can’t rule out the occasional rumble of thunder. Not much accumulation expected with this system. No flooding concerns here. read more

Severe Threat Down

Threat of severe weather is low all-around for our area. Best chance east of I-65.

Latest SPC outlooks reflect the downward trend in severe probabilities. No more tornado/hail outlook, just wind (and barely)… 5% probability of damaging thunderstorm winds within 25 miles of you: read more

Cool Temps, Then Warming Back Up

Pesky spring back-and-forth temps are in full effect. We’ve gone from near-record highs to a frost advisory in just a couple days. Tomorrow morning before sunrise. Build-up of frost on plants is never good… make sure to cover yours up! read more

Wind Advisory + Severe Weather Potential Tonight

We’re in store for an all around windy day. Wind advisory has been issued for our counties, expiring 1 AM tomorrow. Already seeing reports of 30+ mph gusts. Expect these winds to strengthen throughout the day ahead of this evening’s storms… could approach 50 mph gusts OUTSIDE of the storms! read more

Dry, Cool(er) Air

A slight cooldown from yesterday to today. Likely won’t break into the 60s again until next week. The same goes for rain.

Most interesting thing about today is the wind… could see gusts up to 35 mph! That’s about as unsettled as our current weather pattern gets for awhile. read more