High Temperature Records In Jeopardy

Record highs in Nashville for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are 79°, 80° and 83°, according to the National Weather Service. If we don’t tie or break those records this week, we’ll be awfully close. We’ll cool off behind a cold front for the weekend, but still not seeing any freezing temps in the long range computer models. read more

“I Lift My Gaze to Empty Skies Above”

Temps stay very comfortable over the next week or so with cool nights and warm days. No freezing temperatures in the 7-day forecast. Listen closely, and you’ll hear your mums rejoice.

The Water Sitch

“I dream of rain; I dream of gardens in the desert sand. I dream of rain; I lift my gaze to empty skies above.” read more

It Is Extremely Dry

New drought monitor came out today and did not bring good news.


The southern half of WillCo. is now under an Extreme (3/4) Drought, while the rest of us are under a Severe (2/4) Drought. We haven’t experienced an Extreme Drought since 11/29/2016. Very, very little rainfall is to blame, and unfortunately, it looks to get worse before it does better. read more

Slowly Warming Up + Staying Dry

Once again, we will be headed down below freezing tonight, 28° is the official low at BNA but your place will probably be a few degrees colder. Thankfully winds will be calm and there won’t be much of a wind chill. read more

Chilly Trick or Treating, Hard Freeze Overnight

You’ll really have to earn the candy tonight as you fight a jerk NNW wind. Winds will pick up over the next few hours, gusting up to 20mph. As of 6:30p, temperatures are in the mid 40s, but will quickly drop to the upper 30s by 8pm, but with the wind it’ll feel like the lower 30s. Might want to hit a light jog in-between houses to keep warm. read more

Freeze Warnings, Streaks Ending, Cold Candy Getting

The cold front has pushed thru and brought some chilly (chili?) weather. The light rain will shortly end, leaving us with a dry, jerk north wind.

TV gif. Kit Harington as Jon in Game of Thrones, wearing full winter gear, grimaces as wind and snow pummels him in an icy landscape.

Freeze Warnings

First freezes of the season mean Freeze Warnings have been issued, 3am to 9am Tuesday, and again 10pm Tuesday thru 10am Wednesday. “Frost and freeze conditions will kill crops, other sensitive vegetation and possibly damage unprotected outdoor plumbing.” Prepare as needed. read more

Winter Is Coming.

Thankfully the rain held off for the Oilers dub, not a half bad Sunday. Temps are in the 70s for the last time for at least the next six days.

Overnight the cold front will bring rain and open the door for colder temps. read more

Most of the Rain Misses Us, The Cold Won’t

Besides a few stray showers, not a half-bad Saturday lies ahead of us. Temps already in the upper 70s as of 10am.

Sunday will have temperatures in the 70s for the last time for a while, rain chances also pick up. read more

Mostly Rain-Free Saturday, Rainy Sunday + Monday

Some sprinkles possible throughout the remainder of the day, but I see no need to alter any plans. Maybe keep a rain jacket close.

Saturday will be much of the same, mostly dry, some brief light showers are possible, again, nothing seems to be plan-altering. read more

Moderate To Severe Drought With Very Little Rain To Help

Drought Monitor Update

The latest drought monitor update come out today and did not have any encouraging results, unsurprisingly. The southern half of WillCo. is now under a Severe Drought (2/4), with the rest of us remaining in a Moderate Drought (1/4). With our lack of any recent rainfall, this isn’t a shocker. But is there any relief coming? read more