Chilly Trick or Treating, Hard Freeze Overnight

You’ll really have to earn the candy tonight as you fight a jerk NNW wind. Winds will pick up over the next few hours, gusting up to 20mph. As of 6:30p, temperatures are in the mid 40s, but will quickly drop to the upper 30s by 8pm, but with the wind it’ll feel like the lower 30s. Might want to hit a light jog in-between houses to keep warm.

Video gif. Pumpkin Dance man in a black unitard with a jack-o-lantern on his head does dances from side-to-side in front of a graveyard backdrop.

Overnight temps will continue to drop and we’ll deal with a hard freeze. Official low at BNA is 28° (daily low record is 27°, it’ll be close) but your own backyard will likely be colder. Wind chills in the morning will be near 20°. Protect the 4 P’s, and the C – candy.

For People: Minimize time outdoors. Prepare for power outages. Check on elderly & other vulnerable people to make sure they are ok. For Pets: Keep your pets warm, dry, & indoors as much as possible. For Pipes: Insulate pipes if possible. Open up sink cabinets to expose pipes to heated air. Disconnect hoses & turn off water to sprinklers. For Plants: Know their temperature thresholds. If possible, cover them before the cold weather sets in to help retain some heat.

Because of the hard freeze, there is a Freeze Warning from 10pm tonight until 10am Wednesday. Freeze Warnings are a little different, the NWS will only issue them for the first one or two freezes of the season, and then we are on our own. So after tonight, they won’t issue anymore Freeze Warnings, but we will still freeze.

We’ll likely freeze again overnight Wednesday, and possibly again Thursday night into Friday morning.

High temps will slowly warm up throughout the week, getting up into the low 70s by Saturday and Sunday.

No rain chances to talk about until maybe Monday.

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