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“I Lift My Gaze to Empty Skies Above”

Temps stay very comfortable over the next week or so with cool nights and warm days. No freezing temperatures in the 7-day forecast. Listen closely, and you’ll hear your mums rejoice.

The Water Sitch

“I dream of rain; I dream of gardens in the desert sand. I dream of rain; I lift my gaze to empty skies above.”

The drought continues. Extreme drought in most of Williamson County. Slightly better conditions in northern Davidson County. Model blends predict about a half inch of rain over the next 7 days. That ain’t a drought buster. But, we’ll take it. Unfortunately, a half inch may be on the high end of estimates.

Nearly all of this rain would be Thursday night into Friday morning. But, that’s a few days away. We’ll update that as it gets closer.

Fix Your Clock and Stuff

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