Dodging Storms Today And Tomorrow

No record breaking heat today (we’d have to make it to 92°; that record was set many, many years ago in 2018). Mid 80’s with low 60’s dewpoints = you’ll be a bit uncomfortable. read more

Showers/Storms Possible Tonight, Great Soccer Weather Tomorrow

Last day of April brings us a bit above average temperatures. Nothin’ crazy. Noticeable breeze from the south and clouds will aid in keeping you a lil cooler.


The HRRR model (above) shows some storms popping off and moving into our area around 7-9p. These storms should move out fairly quick. However, they may carry some lightning, so if you have outdoor plans, have a way to seek shelter inside. If thunder roars, go indoors. No severe weather is expected at this time, but stay connected. read more

No Thunder Rolling Tonight, Rainy Easter

Rain has moved out and we will (probably) stay dry today. Temps will reach the upper 60’s, not bad for a Saturday in April.

Garth Brooks looks all good to go tonight, no lightning or thunder concerns. NAM 3k model has some light showers this evening, HRRR model has no such showers. If I had to guess, I’d side with the HRRR, but it would be unwise to rule out another model solution. Looks as if you and your friends will not be in low places tonight. read more

Maybe Showers Today, Next Real Rain Tuesday - Wednesday

Currently some showers in West TN, slowly making their way towards us.

HRRR Simulated Radar: 10a – 2p

The Dry Air Monster is feasting on these showers. I doubt any rain this rain will make it to the ground. If it does, amount would be just enough rain to cause a nuisance, not “oh no rainout, cancel all outdoor plans” kinda rain. read more

Dry Weekend, Next Rain (Storm?) Chance Tuesday

Not much going on today, drizzle will move out by lunch, but the clouds will likely hold on until around sunset. Cooler than average temps.

Sunday stays dry, nice clear day with temps back to around average. Monday is a repeat of this. read more

Some Rain & Storms for Some Sunday, Severe Storms Possible Monday

Today is nearly a repeat of yesterday. High temps will be somewhere in the upper 70’s. BTW, record high temp for BNA today is 80°, we’ll see if we make it there. It’ll be windy today, with a wind coming from the south at around 15-20mph, with gusts up to 30mph. You may see a shower tonight around the midnight hour, won’t be anything consequential. read more

Stadium Series Forecast Chilly But Mostly Good, Next Week We Warm Up and Dry Out

This morning light wintry precip has been coming in from the southwest. It’s of no consequence. BNA and all other personal weather stations scattered around are above freezing, so no problems.

More showers (liquid variety, not frozen) might slide in here around lunch, but the majority of them are expected to stay to our south. read more

Today The King Returns, When Will The Rain?

This cold weather may have you feeling like Josh Norman.

Regular Season No GIF by NFL

And these temps aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

However, besides the cold temps, today is a great day for some Titans football.

No rain or frozen precipitation today. Besides for maybe a few cirrus clouds streaming in, the sun will be out today which should help to make it not feel so cold. read more

Say Goodbye To Your Snowman, and Hello To Rain


Temperatures will climb above 32 degrees at around 10 or 11 AM for the first time in a few days, allowing for some serious melting to begin, aided by the sun. It will take a while for all the ice and snow to melt. Melting occurs at different rates so there may still be slick spots, but today will be a dramatic improvement. read more

Much Needed Calm Weather

We are all done with rain and severe weather. If you are waking up to any damage, tweet a picture of it with the location using #tspotter. Storm surveys will be conducted again today to determine where we had tornadoes vs. where we had straight line wind damage. We will tweet updates as that information comes in. read more