Back 2 Dry + Cool

Something is better than nothing.

Southern WillCo. was the winner with over an inch of rainfall. Most of us only got 0.2″ – 0.7″. Again, better than nothing.

Not a ton more rain is in the forecast over the next 6 days.

Sunday a shower can’t totally be ruled out but looks like a majority will stay to our south. More chances roll around mid to late week, but it doesn’t look like totals will be very impressive.

Temps stay around where they ought to be this time of the year, we avoid the 30s for now.

Burn ban in both Davidson and Williamson. Don’t end up like this guy:

Video gif. Man calmly vacuums over an area of ground that is on fire in a backyard.

Also IDK if that would be the solution…maybe a fire extinguisher?

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