Dangerous Heat + Humidity Isn’t Going Anywhere

This brutal heat is continuing to be a total vibe killer.

High of 98° (which would break the daily high record by 2°) combined with a dewpoint of 72-73° will be lead a heat index of 106-108 (in the shade). For that reason, NWS Nashville has issued another Heat Advisory for us today from 11AM – 7PM. Wednesday will have nearly the same temp/dewps combo, so they went ahead and issued another Heat Advisory for us tomorrow. read more

Maybe Some Storms Today, Definitely Dangerous Heat + Humidity This Week

SPC (Storm Prediction Center) has outlooked us for a 5% chance for damaging wind and hail threat for today. Reason being, there is currently a cluster of storms in Nebraska. SPC thinks this cluster may end up being an “I-24 Special” due to our atmosphere having a whole lot of CAPE (storm fuel). None of the models really have a good handle on this. The HRRR and NAM3k model think nothing, the Euro and a couple others think something. If I had to bet, I’d bet more on nothing, but I don’t bet. We’ll be watching it all day and tweeting if it does materialize. read more

Near Perfect CMA Fest Weekend Continues, Then Brutal Heat

Today and maybe Sunday are the only possible blips for this weekend.

HRRR model thinks some showers might swing in here this afternoon/evening. Even if they do, they will just be light showers. No severe weather, not even lightning = party on. read more

One More Day Of Severe Weather Chances, More CMA Deets

Today looks to be the last day of our three day streak of being outlooked for severe weather. Today is another 5% chance of damaging straight-line winds, hail, and flash flooding within 25 miles. On the bright side, we are yet again not outlooked for any tornado threat. read more

Couple More Days of Severe Weather Chances, Early Look at CMA Forecast

Rain has moved out from last night. SPC has outlooked us again today, 5% chance for damaging winds, hail, and flash flooding. We are not outlooked for a tornado threat, thanks to very little shear.

HRRR model (below) still shows a rough ETA of 5 – 6PM, still may not be exactly right. read more

Deets On Severe Weather Chances The Next 3 Days

The Storm Prediction Center maintained the 2% chance of a tornado within 25 miles for today. There is a 15% chance of a damaging straight-line winds, 5% chance of hail and flash flooding.

We’re still looking at the possibility of two rounds of severe weather. read more

Afternoon Special For Something Not-So-Special

After the lunchtime update from the Storm Prediction Center, we are now outlooked for Monday (tomorrow). Specifically, a 5% chance of a damaging wind event and a 2% chance of a tornado within 25 miles. read more

Conditional Severe Chances Today and Tomorrow

Today is the first day of meteorological summer. Whether you choose to think it is the first day of summer, or tend to side with the sun, moon, and stars, and wait until June 21 is entirely up to you. Maybe summer is just a mindset. read more

Still Hot And Humid, Maybe Storms Thursday

Last day of May brings us pretty typical weather for the time of year, hot and humid. No pop-up chances today.

Dewpoints in the ‘Sticky’ range today, creeping up to ‘Uncomfortable’ for Wednesday and Thursday. read more

Dodging Storms Today And Tomorrow

No record breaking heat today (we’d have to make it to 92°; that record was set many, many years ago in 2018). Mid 80’s with low 60’s dewpoints = you’ll be a bit uncomfortable. read more