Wind Chill Advisory Through Sunday Morning

The brutal cold is the big story. More on that in just a bit. First, quick note about the snow.

Light snow showers across the area have been stubborn to dissipate today with some sites still reporting light snow or flurries ongoing this afternoon. So a dusting or a quick half inch of snow isn`t out of the question still through this afternoon, but all of this should wind down within the next few hours.

NWS Nashville

If you get a quick burst of snow, roads can deteriorate quickly on a local level, even if just for a few minutes. Take it easy out there.

Brutal Cold…Again

Temps will plumet through what’s left of the 20’s, through the teens and end up down in the single digits by sunrise Saturday. 6° is the official forecast. Your mileage may vary.

Combined with the winds, wind chill values will be below zero.

Rinse and repeat for Saturday and Saturday night. By sunrise Sunday morning, temps will bottom out around 3°.

Seems like we were just here, but here are some reminders:

Also, hypothermia is a real thing. Take precautions against it if you must go outside.

What’s Next?

At the risk of crying happy tears while I write this, I am thrilled to share… there’s a heat wave coming.

Ehh, gonna take a bit for stuff to thaw out.

Temps rebound into the mid-40s on Monday, and we’re into the LOW 60’s THURSDAY. I can’t even.

Rain will be returning, though. GFS thinks we’ll have several rounds of rain Tuesday-Friday. Don’t read into timings from this model. Just wanted to show green instead of a buncha blue.

The good news (other than the temps) is that we could pick up a couple of inches of rainfall over the next 7 days, which would help the continuing drought situation.

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