First Saturday of the month, which means Williamson County tornado sirens are tested at 1:00 pm.

First Saturday of the month, which means Davidson Co tornado sirens are tested at noon.

Tornado siren tests are scheduled for today. Davidson at noon. Williamson at 1:00. Be not startled.

HRRR for 6:00 am Wednesday. Not hard to see the cold front. Temps will fall fast from the mid 60s to the low 40s once it passes during the morning hours.

Andrew’s made a quick run to a meet and greet at the Nolensville Farmer’s Market. Go by before 1:00 and say hi!

Housekeeping: well y’all crashed our site again. We’ve been in process of migrating to a wayyy more robust server. Should complete this weekend. So we’ll let the website smolder now and will go OG and cover this event on X. read more

Radar suggests a wintry mix is falling along and W of 65. Likely sleet mixed in with the rain. 7:21 pm

Lightning storm coming into Fairview and Fernvale. Bellevue/Warner Parks/Brentwood next. 11:26 am

Radar Update 10:22 am: Heavier rain missing us juuuuust off to the SE. Sneaky cell headed our way tho from the SW. Off/On showers continue through the day, some brief moderate/heavy rain possible.

First Saturday of the month. Monthly test of Williamson County tornado sirens is at 1:00 pm. Just a test.