Frost Tonight, No Rain Til Thursday Nite

Temps may fall to 32° just before sunrise at BNA, but lower temps are possible in outlying areas. Last night was a good example. Got down to 36° at BNA, but we had ice on our cars this morning out where we live, with a low of 30°. So, your mileage may vary again tonight. All that to say, cover yo plants.

A string of beautiful, rain-free days are ahead, warming each day until an unsettled pattern arrives again Thursday night continuing through the weekend. We could pick up a couple of inches of rainfall over our two counties by the end of next weekend, with the current forecast keeping heavier rain off to our south…along with severe weather. We’ll be watching both of those for any creep northward as the week evolves. 7 day rainfall forecast from WPC:

Sunset time Monday evening is 6:51 pm and getting later each day. Summer’s coming.

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