Some Frosty Mornings Possible, Sun Returns

Showers this afternoon will clear out this evening, giving way to a precip-free first half of the week. HRRR through 10 pm:

Some chilly nights are expected tonight into Sunday morning and more so Sunday night into Monday morning. Expect scattered frost or even a light freeze either night, or both. I saw y’all at Lowe’s yesterday. Y’all who were buying flowers, tuck them in for the night. Remember, we’re not safe from freezes until about tax day around here.

Beautiful weather sets in for the first half of the week, then we hit a pattern change toward the end of the week. A system will bring showers and thunderstorms, with highest chances on Friday. We are not currently outlooked for severe weather from SPC, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

Remember, Daylight Saving Time begins overnight tonight.

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