Nice Week Ahead, A Peek At Pilgrimage

Current Radar

This Evening – 74° by 7 PM 

Sunset: 6:45 PM 

Skies will be clear by this evening, and we’ll stay dry:

Dew points will have dropped into the comfortable range, making for a nice end to your Monday.

Overnight lows will be in the mid 50°s under clear skies. read more

Warm & Humid for a Few More Days

Current Radar

This Evening – 80° by 7 PM 

Sunset: 6:51 PM 

We won’t be cooling off as quickly this evening, and it’ll continue to be a bit sticky.

Bright side: clear skies!

FRIDAY – Early Birds: 60°, High: 87°

Sunrise: 6:31 AM

Friday will be a good day for any games or outdoor plans.

Afternoon temperatures will again jump up to the upper 80°s, and humidity will be a smidge higher. read more

Chill Weather the Rest of the Week. Cooler by Sunday?

Current Radar

This Evening – 78° by 7 PM 

Sunset: 6:54 PM 

More of the good stuff tonight: clear skies, a light breeze, and humidity on the comfy end.

WEDNESDAY – Early Birds: 56°, High: 86°

Sunrise: 6:30 AM

Afternoon temps will be in the mid 80°s once again, under sunny skies.

All the moisture/humidity/uncool weather will stay well to our south: read more

Cooler Weather on the Way…But, Not Today

Current Radar

This Evening – 78° by 7 PM 

Sunset: 7:02 PM 

Any unlikely rain shenanigans will end by this evening, with the cloud cover beginning to break up, as well:

Skies will be mostly clear overnight with lows falling to the mid 60°s. read more

90°s Today, Storms Tomorrow

Current Radar

This Evening – 84° by 7 PM 

Sunset: 7:05 PM 

As we approach sunset, any showers left in our neck of the woods will quickly end, and we’ll stay dry through the overnight hours:

Overnight lows will fall to the low 70°s under partly cloudy skies. read more

Labor Day & This Week’s Cold Front

Current Radar

This Evening – 85° by 7 PM 

Sunset: 7:06 PM 

Once the sun sets and things begin to cool off, any shower activity will dissipate:

While it may not be a crisp September evening, it won’t be too bad. Maybe a bit sticky, but skies should be mostly clear. read more

Hot, Muggy, & a Tiny Chance for Rain

Current Radar

Thursday is starting off warm and muggy, but with plenty of sunshine. This will be the case for much of the day, as high pressure to our northeast keeps us in a generally pleasant, but summer-like pattern. Up in the jet stream, we have been dominated by a ridge, or just an extra extra large high pressure over the eastern U.S. Ridges aloft generally keep our weather on the hot and dry side. This has and will continue to be the case for the short term. But, there are a few small dips in the jet stream, despite the ridging pattern we have in place. These are called shortwaves, or more commonly here, disturbances. A shortwave is kind of like a mini low pressure system. They usually carry enough energy to produce rain and thunderstorms at the surface, even if there is not a surface low pressure in place. When a shortwave passes near us, that bumps up our chances for rain a bit. That’ll be the case today, as a one of these disturbances passes to our south and east: 

This could bring us some isolated showers and maybe a weak storm this afternoon and early this evening. Our high will be 93° today, so the extra heat of the afternoon could help to get some of those showers going. However, chances don’t look overly impressive, with the position of that disturbance being a bit too far east and south. The HRRR is picking up on some rain throughout the afternoon in our area, but more to the southeast of Nashville: 

As of 5 PM, there are a few showers and storms to our north on radar. They’re tiny, but you may get wet briefly if you’re out and about this evening. 

Tonight, temperatures will drop to 71° under mostly clear skies and muggy conditions. As we begin the holiday weekend on Friday, we’ll see a very similar situation to today. The morning hours will be warm & muggy, with the afternoon being plain ol’ hot. Friday’s high is also 93° and we’ll keep another small rain chance in for the afternoon hours. Another disturbance will be passing more to our south. Again, it looks like the bulk of the activity will miss us, but there is chance a lone shower drifts our way. 


We’ll keep the hot and muggy with a small chance of rain pattern for the weekend, as well. Highs will be in the low to mid 90°s, with overnight lows near 70°. 


Really Extended….

We could see our first potent cold front of the season by late next week. Stay tuned. 

This website supplements @NashSevereWx on Twitter, which you can find here. read more

This Week: A Reminder That it’s Still Summer

Current Radar

THIS EVENING: 86° by 7 PM 


It’ll be a warm, somewhat muggy evening.

Any showers that pop-up during the heat of the afternoon should fizzle as we approach sunset:

Overnight lows will only drop to near 70°, under mostly clear skies. read more

October Today, August Tomorrow Through The Weekend

Editor’s Note: I”m finishing this for Kaiti today. She and Meagan are on campus at Mississippi State. Kaiti was almost done with it  when the active shooter situation started. Both are OK and not involved. read more

The Nice Weather Continues…

Current Radar

THIS EVENING: 76° by 7 PM 

Winds may be a bit on the breezy side late this afternoon and early this evening, but they should relax after sunset.

It’ll be another pleasant end to the day, with temperatures in the low to mid 70°s and humidity staying low low low. read more