Welcome to a Week of Wonderful Weather

Current Radar

THIS EVENING: 77° by 7 PM 

Clear skies and lower humidity will make for a nice evening.

Radar will remain clear:

Temperatures will fall to the mid 70°s after sunset, and into the upper 50°s overnight!

TUESDAY – Another Nice Day – Wake Up: 58º, High: 82°

High pressure moving in behind the front today will really get comfortable tomorrow, keeping our humidity low and skies sunny.

High temperatures will be in the low 80°s, and skies will remain dry:

Overnight lows will once again be in the mid to upper 50°s.

WEDNESDAY – Yet Another Nice Day – Wake Up: 57º, High: 82°

Fabulous weather will continue into the middle of the week as high pressure keep us rain-free:

Extended: Highs Begin to Creep Back Up by Friday

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That Rain is Going..Going…Gone!

Current Radar

THIS EVENING: 78° by 7 PM 

The lower humidity and pleasant temperatures will make for a nice evening.

As high pressure gets settled in, we will stay rain-free:

Lows tonight will drop into the low 60°s.

FRIDAY – Cooler, Drier, Awesome – Wake Up: 62º, High: 82°

Tomorrow will be our reward for this week of rain and storms. It’s going to be awesome.

We’ll continue to see a nice northerly wind, which will keep bringing us drier air and more desirable August temperatures. Highs will once again be in the low 80°s.

We’ll see plenty of sun tomorrow, but no rain:

SATURDAY – More Weather Goodness – Wake Up: 62º, High: 86°

Great weather will continue into the weekend. High temperatures will start to rise a few degrees. But hey, anything below 90° is pretty stellar.

Bonus: humidity will continue to stay low, so even this small warm-up won’t feel like much at all!

Also, we’ll continue to stay dry:

You may notice the rain this model has off to our east. There will be a series of disturbances passing to our east, but high pressure over our area should be enough to keep the rain/storms out.

That will change beginning Sunday as high pressure breaks down.

Extended: Rain Chances Return by Sunday

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A Little Less Rain Today, More Tomorrow & Thursday

Current Radar

THIS EVENING: 84° by 7 PM 

After some possible showers/scattered storms early this evening, rain chances look to take a brief reprieve by tonight:


Skies will remain partly to mostly cloudy, with temperatures falling to the mid 80°s.

Lows overnight will drop to the low 70ºs.

WEDNESDAY – Stronger Storms Likely by Late in the Day – Wake Up: 73º, High: 87°

Tomorrow brings a slightly higher possibility of seeing some severe storms, as a cold front approaches from the west:

Tomorrow’s severe risk is Marginal (darker green):

Again, we’ll have a somewhat unimpressive shot at a lot of rain during the day:

A line of storms may arrive by late in the afternoon:

With another line-ish situation possible overnight:

Storms will likely continue into the early morning hours, with some strong winds and a lot of heavy rain possible.

THURSDAY – Starting to Clear Up? – Wake Up: 68º, High: 82°

Depending on how fast the front can move through, we may begin to shake the rain by the end of the day Thursday.

As it stands now, though…it looks as though Thursday will be another rainy day, with off and on showers throughout much of the day.

High pressure and drier weather should move in behind the front by Friday.

Extended: Nice Day Friday

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Another Nice Day, Rain Chances Return by the Weekend

Current Radar

THIS EVENING: 82° by 7 PM 

Another really nice evening is ahead for tonight, with lower humidity and mostly clear skies.

Lows will bottom out in the mid 60°s, but humidity will begin to rise a bit during the overnight hours.

FRIDAY – Humidity Begins to Creep Back In – Wake Up: 64º, High: 91°

Humidity will begin to build back in overnight, thanks to a shift in the winds. As our wind direction become more southerly for the first time in the last several days, moisture will be on the increase.

However – tomorrow is still going to be a very pleasant day, with highs getting back to the low 90°s.

We’ll still see plenty of sunshine and humidity will still be low enough that it won’t “feel like” any hotter than the upper 80°s.

Our winds will shift because the area of high pressure keeping us less humid and not as hot is going to shrink and shift to the east:

The bump up in moisture will finally allow for some rain chances, but we look to remain dry:

Better chances will be to our south and east where high pressure has had less of a grip.

SATURDAY – Rain Returns? – Wake Up: 69º, High: 92°

Dew point temperatures will return to the mid to upper 60°s by Saturday, with highs in the low 90°s.

So, while humidity will be slowly returning to “muggy” levels, it will remain in check Saturday.

Just like Friday, with some moisture back and high pressure weakening, rain chances will start to look a little bit better.

Overall though, they still won’t be impressive. Better chances will hold off until Sunday.

Extended: Slight Rain Chances by Sunday


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The Week of Nice Weather Continues

Current Radar

THIS EVENING: 82° by 7 PM 

Winds will start to relax by this evening, as temperatures begin to fall to the low 80°s.

Expect clear skies and lows in the low 60°s overnight.

THURSDAY – Low Humidity & Low Rain Chances Continue – Wake Up: 63º, High: 87°

Tomorrow will be another very nice day, with mostly sunny skies and high temperatures staying in the 80°s.

Humidity will actually be at it’s lowest point all week tomorrow, with dew point temperatures in the upper 50°s throughout the day.

Winds should be a bit more relaxed tomorrow.

Rain will continue to evade us:

FRIDAY – Slightly Warmer – Wake Up: 64º, High: 90°

High temperatures will be a bit warmer come Friday, and humidity will start to creep back up slightly.

However, it’ll still be an enjoyable day!

Plenty of sunshine and no rain are in the forecast once again as that high pressure system keeps a hold on our weather:

Extended: Rain Chances Back by the End of the Weekend

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A Nice Weather Week Ahead

Current Radar

THIS EVENING: 83° by 7 PM 

As the frontal boundary clears the state by this evening, any small chance of rain will exit with it:

Winds will be breezy overnight, between 5 and 10 mph. Lows will fall to the upper 60°s.

As we’re sleeping, dew point temperatures will continue to drop…

WEDNESDAY – Less Humid and Not as Hot! – Wake Up: 68º, High: 86°

….and, by the time we wake up, they will be in the low to mid 60°s. That’s going to make for a much less humid morning, and day, tomorrow!

As a large area of high pressure settles in over the state tomorrow, we’ll see that lower humidity continue, as well as lower high temperatures:

Winds will continue to be on the breezy side, between 10 and 15 mph in the afternoon.

That area of high pressure will bring in drier air and an environment that will make it very hard for storms and even showers to get going.

So, we’ll stay dry tomorrow:

Tomorrow evening should be very nice, with mostly clear skies & crazy low humidity!

THURSDAY – Staying Nice – Wake Up: 61º, High: 87°

Thursday looks like a very similar day to tomorrow. It may be a hair warmer, but the humidity will stay super low!

Rain chances will continue to be zero, nada, nothing:

Extended: Rain-Free Into the Weekend

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Rain-Free Weekend Ahead

Current Radar

THIS EVENING: 79° by 7 PM 

By this evening the cloud cover should be clearing out, as an area of high pressure forces its way into Tennessee.

We’ll still be rain-free:

Temperatures will be nice and it wont be very humid at all through the evening hours. Good evening for outdoor plans!

Overnight, lows will fall to the upper 60°s as skies continue to clear out.

SATURDAY – Back to the 90°s – Wake Up: 68º, High: 90°

Some patchy fog is likely early tomorrow morning.

After that clears out, we’ll be left with much more sunshine than today, along with continued less muggy air.

Highs will jump back up to the low 90°s in the afternoon. But, with that lower humidity, it won’t feel any hotter than that!

High pressure settling-in will keep the rain away through the weekend:

SUNDAY – Not a Bad End to the Weekend – Wake Up: 71º, High: 95°

A little more humidity may creep back into the area by Sunday, but it’ll still be pretty nice outdoors.

Highs will be a little warmer as we continue to see plenty of sunshine.

Rain and storms will be to our north as another disturbance gets ready to bring us more rain by Monday…..

But, we’ll stay dry Sunday:

Extended: Rain Chances Return to Begin the New Week

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Last Day of Rain & Storms

Current Radar

THIS EVENING: 77° by 7 PM 

The frontal boundary that models had moving through this afternoon is taking it’s time. It’s in no hurry.

And, we don’t have anything to worry about…we’ve seen 99% of the rain we’re going to see out of this system. It’s all off to our east now:

(L is for low pressure system.)

Radar and the HRRR agree that one more (disorganized) line of storms/showers around dinnertime is going to be the cherry on top of this rainy/cloudy day:

By bedtime, we will have seen the last of the rain.

Thick cloud cover will hang around overnight, though. Low temperatures will be in the upper 60°s.

FRIDAY – The Rain is Gone – Wake Up: 69º, High: 86°

Yes, you read that correctly. The rain will be gone tomorrow.

High pressure will take over after the cold front moves through today, and it’ll slowly clear out the clouds and the humid air tomorrow.

Highs will only be in the mid 80°s!

Models want to bring in a few lingering showers in the afternoon, mostly to our east where today’s rainmaker will still be hanging around.

SATURDAY – Warming Up – Wake Up: 68º, High: 90°

We’ll stay dry into the weekend, but temperatures will really take a jump up once we get a bit more sunshine going.

Extended: Heat Returns

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A Couple of Rainy Days Ahead

Current Radar

THIS EVENING – 77° by 7 PM 

Until 7 AM tomorrow, our threat for severe storms will remain marginal, or a 1 on a scale of 0 to 5:

We are now included in the risk areas for strong winds and hail greater than 1 inch in diameter:

Tornado risk is non-existent. But, for completeness’ sake:

The good news: today’s rain and cloud cover will keep temperatures on the cooler side as we head into the evening!

Radar close to 6 PM shows us getting a break as Cluster of Storms 1 moves out:

However, Cluster 2 is approaching from the west. ETA after sunset:

Maybe a few storms – but probably mostly off and on showers – will hang with us through late tonight:

Expect the pitter-patter of rain and or/a few rumbles of thunder to continue overnight, with lows falling to the low 70°s.

THURSDAY – Another Rainy Day – Wake Up: 71º, High: 85º

It’ll be a wet Election Day, Davidson County. Take the umbrella. And the raincoat. And even the rain boots.

Rain may still be around EARLY tomorrow morning:


While showers will probably still be around early, eventually a cold front will try to swing through the state. We may see storms associated with that line by mid to late morning:

Tomorrow’s severe risk has us on the cusp of “general thunderstorms” and “marginal.” It’ll likely change by tomorrow morning, so we’ll see what it says then. But, another day of storms with strong winds and heavy rain is almost certain:

Looks like the rain will be clearing out by late afternoon/early evening, with cooler overnight temperatures to boot.

FRIDAY – Drying Off – Wake Up: 68º, High: 89°

A chance for rain will linger into Friday, but overall, it should be our day to dry off.

As that area of low pressure moves away and drags a cold front across Tennessee, we should get some slightly cooler and drier air in place for Friday.

Expected rainfall through Friday morning:

Extended: *Nice Weekend Alert*

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Rain Chances Meh Today, Better Tomorrow, Best Thursday

Current Radar

THIS EVENING – 89° by 7 PM 

Temperatures will still be on the warm side by this evening.

The NAM4 model is expecting the rain associated with that frontal boundary to stay to our north, in Kentucky:

Radar trends late this afternoon back this up. I expect we’ll stay dry through the evening!

Note: the HRRR model, which was a bit over-zealous (AKA wrong) with today’s rain chances, has storms arriving by 10 PM: 

But – if we went by it’s solution for 5 PM today – we would be seeing showers & storms this afternoon. So, it’s worth mentioning. But, radar to our west is dry right now. Again – I expect we will stay rain-free for the rest of the day. 

Lows overnight will drop to the low 70°s under mostly cloudy skies.

WEDNESDAY – More Humid & Better Chance for Storms – Wake Up: 73º, High: 84º

High humidity returns tomorrow as our dew point temperatures get back to the low 70°s. (For comparison: today, they’ll be in the upper 60°s.)

The frontal boundary to our north today will slide south into Tennessee tomorrow, bringing with it a lot of cloud cover and a better shot at rain and storms by the afternoon hours:

Storms will linger through the afternoon and into the evening hours.

Tomorrow’s severe risk is low, like today. But, we’re on the cusp of a Marginal risk (1 on a 0-5 scale):

It’ll be hot tomorrow as well, but not hot enough that the heat index will be of concern. But…still hot.

THURSDAY – Rainy & Stormy Day – Wake Up: 71º, High: 88°

Rain chances look even higher by Thursday, as a shortwave (AKA disturbance, AKA rainmaker) passes over the state:

Right now, the severe threat looks to stay low. But, a few strong storms are always possible.

When it’s not raining Thursday, it will be cloudy and muggy.

Extended: Much Nicer by the Weekend

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