Cloudy Today, Cloudier Tomorrow, Rain Thursday

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I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me that David, Will, and Andrew have trusted me enough to let me tell y’all about the weather for the past year or so. read more

Rainy Thursday. Nice Weekend!

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TONIGHT – 40° by 7 PM

It’ll be pretty chilly by about dinnertime.

The rain will have ended, but skies will remain cloudy:

We’ll wake-up tomorrow to temperatures in the mid 30°s.

FRIDAY – Wake Up: 36°, High: 50°

An area of high pressure will start to nudge-in tomorrow behind today’s rainmaker: read more

Back to the 50°s!

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TONIGHT – 52° by 7 PM

This evening will be pleasant, with dinnertime temperatures in the low 50°s, and skies will be mostly clear.

A southerly wind will really settle-in overnight. Skies will stay mostly clear through the morning hours & lows will fall to the mid 40°s. read more

Cold Night Ahead

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TONIGHT – 26° by 6 PM

Snow will be ending this evening!

Lows will drop to around 15° overnight.

Yeah. That’s cold.

Winds will stay in the 5-10 mph range, knocking “feels like” temps into the single digits. That’s very dangerous if you’re not dressed properly. read more

Nice Weekend; Snow Chances Mon-Tue Look Meh

Current Radar 

TONIGHT – 43° by 6 PM

Not as cold as last night.

SATURDAY – Sunshine, Few More Clouds – Wake Up: 29°, High: 51°

A “moisture-starved shortwave” arrives, delivering only morning clouds, and, you guessed it, no rain.

More clouds show up Saturday night, which will trap the “heat” and keep the low temp from dropping too far. read more

Sunny & Cool Headed Into the Weekend

Current Radar 

TONIGHT – 38° by 6 PM

Clear skies overnight and pretty calm winds will help temperatures to fall a good bit.

We’ll be waking-up to the mid 20°s tomorrow morning.

FRIDAY – Wake Up: 25°, High: 50°

Tomorrow will be equally as nice, as high pressure settles-in to our west: read more

Cooling Off

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WEDNESDAY – Wake Up: 49°, High: 55°

Once storms fully pass through overnight, some showers may linger very early, but we should be drying-off by your morning commute:

It will be cloudy to start the day, but we’ll clear-out nicely by the afternoon: read more

Severe Storms En Route

Current Radar 

TODAY – Wind Advisory All Day. Severe Weather Tonight. – High: 74°

Overview: We’ve got several things happening today. This morning, we’ve dealt with fog. It’s going to be incredibly windy today – windy enough to have put us under a Wind Advisory. Finally, severe storms remain the forecast for tonight, all thanks to the system below:

Plenty of fog around this morning…enough to warrant a Dense Fog Advisory, but it expired around 8 AM and should be clearing or already have cleared.

At 9 AM, a Wind Advisory went into effect. It’ll last until midnight. read more

NHL All-Star Forecast & an Update on Storms Next Week

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TONIGHT – 46° by 6 PM 

Temperatures in the 40°s by this evening will drop to the mid 30°s overnight.

A south wind will settle-in overnight, as well, helping to keep our lows “warmer,” and setting the stage for a pleasant weekend. read more

A Warmer Weekend! NHL All-Star Forecast! Storms Next Week?

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TONIGHT – 49° by 6 PM 

Skies will be partly cloudy this evening as clouds from today hang around.

Evening temperatures will fall to the mid 40°s, but overnight lows will drop all the way to the upper 20°s.

FRIDAY – Wake Up: 31°, High: 48°

As that weak cold front swings through early tomorrow, there could be some flurries mixed-in with some rain to our east, near the Plateau: read more