Rain, Rain…Isn’t Going Away

Current Radar

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This Evening: 60° by 7 PM

Expect the rain to continue throughout the evening hours and overnight:

It’ll be humid & a bit breezy overnight: 5-10 mph, maybe getting close to 15 mph at times. read more

Warm Today & Friday, Better Chances for Rain Saturday

Current Radar

This Evening – 72° by 7 PM

We’ll be cooling off nicely by this evening.

Skies will remain mostly clear overnight, with lows dropping to the low 50°s.

FRIDAY – Wake Up: 51°, High: 82°

By tomorrow, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the system to our west that’s dropping a whole lot of rain in Texas today. As that system slowly starts to move east Friday, our rain chances will start to slowly rise. read more

Warm this Afternoon. Cold Punch Tomorrow Night.

Current Radar

No rain this evening, but that’ll change overnight…

Temperatures will drop to 54° through tomorrow morning, staying pretty mild due to increased cloud cover. Another cold front will begin to sweep through while we’re sleeping. read more

Prepare Yourselves: Amazing Weather Ahead

Current Radar

Officially, 0.37″ of rain was found in the gauge from last night’s rain.

Other areas got a lot more:

THIS EVENING – 66° by 7 PM

Sunset: 6:14 PM

Cool this evening with just a light north wind. 

Skies will remain clear!  read more

Warm Today, Rainy Friday, Nice Saturday!

Current Radar

THIS EVENING – 82° by 7 PM

Oh yes, another warm and humid evening…

We’ll be keeping an eye on the rain to our south and east, but don’t plan on it messing with your plans tonight.

Radar through 7 AM: read more

Dry Until a Friday Cold Front

Current Radar

THIS EVENING – 80° by 7 PM

We’ll continue to keep a few clouds around tonight, as temperatures fall to the low 80°s.

So, not an overly cool evening by any means, but dew points will still be ‘ok.’

read more

So Much Weather Stuff. Also, October!

Current Radar

Heavy rain and flooding issues near southern Williamson County. Take it easy out there.

Showers and even some storms will continue as we progress into the evening hours:

Umbrella/rain jacket a good idea for evening plans. Outdoor events look shaky.

Elsewhere in the realm of our weather…it will continue to be cloudy this evening. And cooler. AND drier (in terms of humidity). read more

Rainy-ish Today & Tomorrow…Better by Thursday

Current Radar

This Evening – 74° by 7 PM 

Sunset: 6:34 PM 

‘Humid & cloudy & kinda warm, but kinda cool’ will be the scenario as we head into the evening.

Models keep just a few showers around this evening:

Judging by current radar, I’d say rain chances are pretty low. read more

Dry Today, Rain Chances Return Tomorrow & This Weekend

Current Radar

This Evening – 79° by 7 PM 

Sunset: 6:41 PM 

By the evening hours, more and more cloud cover will begin to creep in from the east:

However, the possibility for some rain won’t arrive until tomorrow.

FRIDAY – Early Birds: 63°, High: 79°

Sunrise: 6:37 AM

As an area of low pressure along the east coast scoots north and west tomorrow, it’ll continue to push cloud cover our way. read more

Quiet Start to Fall, but Rain Chances Return Friday

Current Radar

This Evening – 77° by 7 PM 

Sunset: 6:44 PM 

Although just a few clouds may build in throughout the day, we should have nice, clear skies by the evening hours.

A northeast breeze 5-10 mph will keep things easy and breezy throughout the rest of the night. read more