Warm Today, Rainy Friday, Nice Saturday!

Current Radar

THIS EVENING – 82° by 7 PM

Oh yes, another warm and humid evening…

We’ll be keeping an eye on the rain to our south and east, but don’t plan on it messing with your plans tonight.

Radar through 7 AM:

HRRR model thinks the cold front will still be west of the Mississippi River by your morning commute. 

More cloud cover will begin to push in by the evening hours, and especially overnight.

Overnight lows will drop to the mid 60°s.

FRIDAY – Early Birds: 63°, High: 80°

Tomorrow, a cold front arrives to 1) bring us some rain and 2) cool us off by Saturday.

As of this evening, there is still a bit of disagreement in the models as to when the rain will arrive, but we do have a better picture as far as timing.

The Euro (which we can’t show you) continues to bring the bulk to the rain in in the late afternoon (i.e. 4ish PM) and evening hours, just in time to ruin our Friday plans.

The NAM model agrees:

The NAM actually keeps the heavier showers/heftier storms to our east, leaving us with more of just a rainy situation through the evening:

The GFS is starting to fall a little more in-line, bringing small amounts of rain in in the morning…..


But bringing the bulk of rainfall in during the afternoon and into the evening:


If you’re leaving early and won’t be home until later afternoon/early evening tomorrow, take the umbrella.

Not worried about anything severe tomorrow. Risk is just for “general thunderstorms”:

The rain/storms will push east overnight, dropping our temperatures into the mid 50°s.

SATURDAY – Early Birds: 56°, High: 69°

Saturday, we reap the rewards of a warm Thursday and a rainy Friday: highs in the upper 60°s.

Bonus: humidity back down to much more enjoyable levels.

Extended: Sorta Warming Back Up by Columbus Day

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