Dry & Cooler! Rain Back by Wednesday

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Today – High: 55°

Happy Tuesday!

The large storm system that has harassed much of the country over the past few days is now well off to our northeast….

…but it has left quite a bit of cloud cover in its wake: read more

Still Expecting Severe Weather Wednesday

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We have plenty of information for you on tomorrow’s thunderstorms, but first…let’s get you through today. 

Today – Cloudy and Waaaaay Warmer Than We Should Be – 67°

We’ll catch a break from the rain today, as the bulk of it moves east. read more

Pleasant Weather, Actually

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It’s going to feel a lot more chilly out there this evening, with temperatures dropping to the low 40°s by 6 PM.

Winds out of the northwest will stay up around 5 mph under clear skies. read more

Cooler Weather on the Horizon

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Temperatures will fall to the mid 50°s by dinnertime.

South winds will stay light and skies clear overnight.

Lows will continue to trend way-warmer-than-normal… Just down to the low 40°s. read more

More Clouds Today, Showers Tomorrow

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Cloudy skies overnight will keep temperatures from dropping very much.

By about 6 PM, we should be in the upper 50°s, with lows only getting down to the mid 50°s tonight.

Keep in mind that tonight’s low is what our high temperature should be. read more

Sunny & Cool Through the Weekend

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Temperatures will drop to near 40° by 6 PM this evening, so prep for a very chilly night!

Skies will stay clear overnight as lows tumble to the low 30°s.

FRIDAY – Wake Up: 29°, High: 53°

We’ll definitely be feeling the chill to end the week tomorrow. read more


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By dinnertime, temperatures will fall to the low 50°s.

Skies will stay cloudy overnight.

As temperatures drop into the 40°s by about 8 or 9 PM, some patchy fog will start to develop.

This will last through your drive tomorrow morning, so just take it easy. read more

One More Sleep to Turkey

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TODAY – High: 62°

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re mentally prepping for tomorrow’s food intake…

We’ve got another quiet, but pleasant, weather day ahead.

There will likely be a few more clouds around today, but no rain. read more

Quiet Through Turkey Day

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Temperatures will fall into the low 50°s this evening.

Skies will be partly cloudy with calm winds.

It’ll be cold again overnight as lows drop to the upper 30°s.

WEDNESDAY – Wake Up: 38°, High: 62°

The high pressure that’s close to us today will scoot away by tomorrow, allowing for some more cloud cover and more moisture to start sneaking-in. read more

Today’s Cold Front & a Look at Turkey Day

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TODAY – High: 62°

Good morning & happy Saturday!

While it’s dry for us this morning, a gnarly low pressure system just to the north has brought snow to Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and even as close as Missouri. read more