Dry Today, Rain Chances Return Tomorrow & This Weekend

Current Radar

This Evening – 79° by 7 PM 

Sunset: 6:41 PM 

By the evening hours, more and more cloud cover will begin to creep in from the east:

However, the possibility for some rain won’t arrive until tomorrow.

FRIDAY – Early Birds: 63°, High: 79°

Sunrise: 6:37 AM

As an area of low pressure along the east coast scoots north and west tomorrow, it’ll continue to push cloud cover our way.

But, it’ll also bring us a chance for some showers:

The GFS model thinks rain chances arrive after noon.

However, there remains emerging, and maybe significant, suggestion from other models that this rain may arrive sooner than previously expected, and try to rain out our Friday.

The NAM4 model thinks so:

This model is prone to overdoing the rain, but when looking at the HRRR model through Thursday night into Friday at 2 AM (below), it may be that the NAM4 model is on to something:

Then, at 1252 PM today, our NWS started to account for it:

So, it’s time to start thinking about light rain arriving Friday mid-morning, then going off/on through the day.

SATURDAY – Early Birds: 64°, High: 80°

Both the Euro and GFS models think that more coverage of showers will push our way, as the low moves just a little further to the west.

However, accumulation looks seriously unimpressive all day:

As the low picks up and moves north Sunday, it will leave behind some moisture, keeping rain chances in for our Sunday.

If a disturbance in the Gulf holds, it could stream more moisture our way by next week. Stay tuned.

Extended: Small Chance of Showers Each Day 

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