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Cooler Weather on the Horizon

Current Radar 


Temperatures will fall to the mid 50°s by dinnertime.

South winds will stay light and skies clear overnight.

Lows will continue to trend way-warmer-than-normal… Just down to the low 40°s.

WEDNESDAY – Wake Up: 43°, High: 65°

Rain chances return tomorrow, along with just 1 more day of warm weather (for the short term).

A low pressure system will pass to our north, and a weaker one to our south:

This will drag some rain through tomorrow, more so toward the end of the day.

Expect an increase in clouds tomorrow morning and afternoon with a south wind around 5-10 mph.

Highs in the afternoon will again get up to the upper 60°s.

Showers will start to work their way in from the west early tomorrow afternoon:

Showers will be scattered, with a heavy downpour here and there being the only concern.

We should be mostly done with it as we head into the evening, aside from maybe some drizzle:

THURSDAY – Wake Up: 44°, High: 49°

We’ll start Thursday dry, but cloudy.

Things will clear out during the day, with more sunshine possible by the end of the day.

Did I mention we get a cold front?


Well… We do! Along with the rain will come a cold front, but we really won’t feel the effects of it until Thursday.

We’ll start the day off in the 40°s again, but will only warm-up a few degrees from there all day.

That’s right… highs on Thursday will only be in the upper 40°s.

Looking Ahead: Back to Normal

We’ll return to below-freezing temperatures overnight by the end of the week. The weekend looks fabulous!

Next chance for rain will return next Monday.

Also, NWS Nashville has this to say about your white Christmas chances…

This website supplements @NashSevereWx on Twitter, which you can find here.

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