Pleasant Weather, Actually

Current Radar 


It’s going to feel a lot more chilly out there this evening, with temperatures dropping to the low 40°s by 6 PM.

Winds out of the northwest will stay up around 5 mph under clear skies.

Lows will make it down to the upper 20°s overnight… That’s more like it, December.

FRIDAY – Wake Up: 29°, High: 45°

Cold start tomorrow with out-the-door temperatures in the upper 20°s and low 30°s.

The area of high pressure that will move in behind the cold front will be centered off to our west, leaving room for a few clouds to hang around tomorrow:

However, you won’t really notice because it’s going to be a whole lot colder during the day! Highs will only reach the mid 40°s in the afternoon.

SATURDAY – Wake Up: 28°, High: 50°

After another night of falling to the upper 20°s, we’ll warm up slightly on Saturday, to the low 50°s.

High pressure will be moving east and will be centered more in our neck of the woods:

This really just means that any clouds we have lingering today and Friday will be gone.

It will actually make a really great start to the weekend. Winds will be light, skies will be clear, & humidity will stay low.

Looking Ahead: Rain Returns to Start the Week

High pressure will be leaving us late Sunday, which will make room for more clouds and a chance for showers ahead of the next big rainmaker.

Looks like showers are likely throughout the day Monday.

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