Cooler Today. Sun Returns Tomorrow.

Current Radar 

TONIGHT – 36° by 6 PM 

The cool air will be back sooner than you think…

We’ll be in the 30°s by dinnertime.

By then, the rain will be gone:

But, we’ll be stuck with cloudy skies through tomorrow morning. read more

When Will The Snow Come?

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TODAY – A Good Day to Run Errands, Go to the Store, Etc. – High: 40°

Before we get to tomorrow’s winter weather chances and the inevitable frenzy, let’s get you through today.

A Freezing Fog Advisory will expire at 9 AM. By mid-morning, we should see any areas of fog begin to break-up. read more

Update on Wednesday’s Winter Weather

Current Radar 

Wednesday – WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY 3 AM THRU 6 PM – Wake Up: 23°, High: 36°

Both Williamson and Davidson counties are under a Winter Weather Advisory tomorrow:


NWS is calling for about 2 inches of snow. Models are pulling about 3 inches, so that range looks like the sweet spot … Snow is more likely north than it is south…. Model data also has temps at 5,000 feet below freezing in Davidson County, above freezing in Williamson County. That means we may see snow only along and north of I-40, with a mixed bag of snow, sleet, and freezing rain south of I-40….After noon, the precip will change to rain as we rise above freezing, then move on out. read more

Winter Weather Wednesday

Current Radar 

Today – The Calm Before the Winter Weather – High: 29° 

Temperatures are in the teens early this morning. A north breeze is knocking down the “feels like” temperatures to the single digits:

Winds today will be right around 5 mph, keeping our “feels like” temps a few degrees lower than what thermometers are reading. read more

Rainy Today & Cold This Weekend

Current Radar 

TONIGHT – 50° by 6 PM

When we drop into the 50°s this evening, it’ll be the last time we see those kind of temps for several days….

Hint: cold air is coming.

Lingering showers early this evening will start to fizzle out as we get closer to midnight: read more

Warmer & Dry Thursday

Current Radar 

TONIGHT – 52° by 6 PM

Temps will continue to stay on the ‘warmer’ side tonight. Lows overnight will just fall to the mid 40°s.

Skies will become mostly cloudy as the rain inches closer to us.

It’s possible that you’ll hear a few light rain showers very early in the morning: read more

A Bit Warmer Tomorrow. Rain (& Flurries?) By Friday

Current Radar 

As we dip back into the 30°s this evening, skies will stay clear.

We’re in for a “warmer” night though, will lows falling to the mid 30°s overnight.

THURSDAY – Wake Up: 33°, High: 58°

Things begin to change on Thursday. read more

Cold & Cloudy Tuesday. More Sun Wednesday.

Current Radar 

Tonight –  34° by 6 PM

Any snow flurry/light rain occurrences to our east will be gone by this evening, and we’ll be back to near-freezing temps:

A few clouds will be around overnight, but skies will be pretty clear. read more

Cold Days (and Maybe Some Flurries) Ahead

Current Radar 

Tonight –  31° by 6 PM

By tonight, it will still be cold.

But, the high pressure that keeps skies clear today will be moving south, allowing for some clouds to move-in overnight.

Lows will seem almost tropical in comparison to this morning…falling to the upper 20°s. read more

2015 In Review…& The NYE/NYD Forecast

The forecast is below. But first, the editor intervened to look back at 2015:

Year In Review

There was almost no spring severe weather season, we had record/near-record warmth in November and December, but in 2015, only two events really come to mind. read more