Rainy Today & Cold This Weekend

Current Radar 

TONIGHT – 50° by 6 PM

When we drop into the 50°s this evening, it’ll be the last time we see those kind of temps for several days….

Hint: cold air is coming.

Lingering showers early this evening will start to fizzle out as we get closer to midnight:

Yesterday, I mentioned that the window for us to see some flurries was pretty much closed, but one model still sends some our way overnight & very early Saturday:

However, even if we do see any, don’t expect much & don’t expect it to stick.

Lows will fall to the mid 30°s through tomorrow morning.

SATURDAY – Wake Up: 33°, High: 41°

Today’s rainmaker will be moving east by tomorrow, taking any chance of some Saturday flurries with it:

The day looks quiet, but cloudy, for us. Another big weather maker will pass to our south and east, but doesn’t look to affect us in terms of rain or more flurries.

Cold air moving in will keep temperatures from rising much during the day. We’ll start out in the 30°s, but will only make it up to the low 40°s.

SUNDAY – Wake Up: 27°, High: 40° 

Sunday will start off very cold…in the 20°s!

As the system to our south moves away, we will see a good bit more sunshine by Sunday afternoon.

However, with cold air still dominating, highs will be hard pressed to make it out of the 30°s.

High pressure will be surging our way on Sunday, along with a push of snow out in front of it:

Models keep us out of the snow talk once again.

Bottom line: this high pressure will take our already cold air and send it into frigid territory…

Your MLK Holiday high? Take a peek below.

Looking Ahead: Very Cold End to the Holiday Weekend!

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