Cooler Today. Sun Returns Tomorrow.

Current Radar 

TONIGHT – 36° by 6 PM 

The cool air will be back sooner than you think…

We’ll be in the 30°s by dinnertime.

By then, the rain will be gone:

But, we’ll be stuck with cloudy skies through tomorrow morning.

Lows will be some 20° colder tomorrow morning than they were today, in the upper 20°s.

WEDNESDAY – Wake Up: 27°, High: 43°

A nice streak of several (mostly) sunny days begins tomorrow!

High pressure behind today’s cold front will be sliding into Middle Tennessee:

That means no rain and a good bit more sunshine is on the way.

Tomorrow morning will be cloudy, but skies will clear nicely by tomorrow afternoon.

Highs will only make it to about 40° in the afternoon hours.

THURSDAY – Wake Up: 26°, High: 49°

After another cold start on Thursday, afternoon temperatures will get about 10° warmer than what we’ll see Wednesday.

We’ll still be under the influence of an area of high pressure off to our southwest, which will send a southerly wind our way.

This is good news, especially if the 40°s are too chilly for you…

Looking Ahead: 60°s by the Weekend!

NHL All-Star Game Weekend – Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 

Hockey fans…prepare for some great weather as you enjoy all the NHL All-Star Game festivities this weekend!

Nashville won’t be the coldest spot on the map, but we really will have some nice weather in place.

Mostly sunny skies will carry-over from Thursday into Friday, with a high near 50° Friday afternoon.

Friday evening temperatures will be in the mid 30°s.

Saturday will be a bit warmer, with highs getting into the low 60°s in the afternoon, along with plenty of sunshine.

Saturday evening will be similar to Friday evening: chilly, under mostly clear skies.

The Big Game: Clouds will return early Sunday ahead of the next chance for rain. As of right now, it looks like showers will hold off until the the afternoon and evening:

Showers will continue Sunday night.

Don’t get mad…just take the umbrella for after the game!

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