Rainy Thursday. Nice Weekend!

Current Radar 

TONIGHT – 40° by 7 PM

It’ll be pretty chilly by about dinnertime.

The rain will have ended, but skies will remain cloudy:

We’ll wake-up tomorrow to temperatures in the mid 30°s.

FRIDAY – Wake Up: 36°, High: 50°

An area of high pressure will start to nudge-in tomorrow behind today’s rainmaker:

It will take most of the day to settle-in overhead, so we’ll still have cloudy skies around for the first part of the day.

We’ll hit the upper 40°s for highs tomorrow afternoon.

Partly cloudy skies, but no rain, for your Friday evening plans.

Overnight lows will tumble to near the freezing mark.

SATURDAY – Wake Up: 34°, High: 63°

After waking up on a cold note Saturday, we’ll warm up pretty nicely to the low 60°s.

A system will be swinging by to our north:

It won’t bring us any rain, but it will keep some clouds around during the day.

Saturday will be a very pleasant day, regardless!

LOOKING AHEAD: Next Chance for Rain Could be Next Tuesday. Stay Tuned!


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