Rainy Evening, A Lot More Rain Monday/Tuesday.

Rain incoming, only about 0.5″ expected, no thunderstorms expected, but enough to be annoying.

Rain should last on/off until around midnight, according to the HRRR model above.

Saturday + Sunday will be dry. Sunday morning temps will be close to freezing but recover well as we make it up into the upper 60s by the afternoon. “This [Sunday] will be our last ‘quiet’ weather day for awhile.” – NWS Nashville read more

Rain Friday Evening, Another System Mon/Tues.

Nice evening ahead of us before some rain chances Friday.

Some light showers are possible Friday morning, majority of the rain will come around Friday evening.

HRRR model (above) gives its best guess at what the radar will look like tomorrow (could be wrong!). Rain should start around ~ 5 or 6pm, +/- a couple hours, and last thru about midnight. Majority of it looks to stay to our SW, but we should get a couple hours of rain. Rainfall totals up to 0.5″, no thunderstorms expected. read more

Rainy Friday, Dry + Warm Saturday and Sunday, Another System Mon/Tues.

Another cold night ahead, we’ll wake up (depending on your sleep schedule) with temps in the mid to upper 30s.

Temperatures will quickly rebound, getting up into the mid 60s by Thursday afternoon. Pretty nice day. read more

Thankfully, no more sub-freezing temperatures expected in the next 7 days after dipping down into the low to mid 20s last night.

High temps back near 70 degrees tomorrow, with high staying in the 60s for the remainder of the week. read more

Hard freeze expected tonight with low dipping down into the mid 20s. We’ll wake up with temps in the upper 20s.

“We’re still about 2 weeks from our last average freeze date, so this isn’t abnormal, but it’ll be painful for anyone who jumped the gun on planting.” – NWS Nashville read more

Hard Freeze Expected Monday Night, Fire Danger Highest Mon + Tues.

Main headlines this week will be a hard freeze and fire danger.

Official low tonight is 33°, but your backyard may make it below freezing. High temps Monday only expected to make it in the mid 40s.

Hard freeze expected overnight Monday. read more

On/Off Rain Friday Thru Saturday AM.

Showers will begin Friday morning and continue on and off until around midday Saturday. HRRR model shown below.

Heaviest rain looks like it’ll fall overnight Friday.

No severe weather concerns for us, those probabilities are to our south and west. read more

Nice Thursday, Rain Returns Friday/Saturday

Fog possible tonight into Thursday morning, low beams might get some work in.

We’ll get by with a dry and warm Thursday. High temperatures get into the upper 60s.

Friday morning our rain chances return. read more

Rain Tonight Before A Break, More Rain Friday + Saturday.

Some more rain tonight and early Wednesday morning.

Rain jacket or umbrella may be useful for your AM commute to school/work, but don’t think you’ll need it for the way home. A couple showers can’t be ruled out during the day tomorrow, but they’d be no big deal. read more

Rain, Rain, and More Rain. No Severe Expected Though.

Majority of us have been able to stay dry today, and likely will remain dry thru the remainder of the day.

The same cannot be said for Tuesday, as showers are storms look likely throughout the day.

(Heads up: this gif file size is fairly large and may take a while to load) read more