Freezing Rain Possible - Winter Weather Advisory Tonight, Probably Tomorrow Night Too

Over the next two days, we are looking at two possible rounds of freezing rain.

Disclaimer: We do not know if school will close, we also do not know if your flight will be delayed or cancelled – my apologies. read more

Freezing Rain Potential Monday + Tuesday Night

Showers are pretty much gone from this morning, maybe a few more tonight. Clouds will hang around all day.

Maybe some showers Monday morning, shouldn’t be too much of a disruption.

Overnight Monday and into the early hours of Tuesday, some more showers move in. Temperatures look to be around 31-32°, however our pal Ned will create a nose of warm air just above the surface, making precipitation fall as rain and potentially freezing on contact with the ground. Precipitation should stop before Tuesday rush hour, but some minor impacts are possible with the freezing rain. HRRR model, below, gives its best guess at what it’ll look like. read more

Rain Moves In Tonight, Active Week Ahead

Until around 7-8pm tonight, it’ll be a beautiful day. High of 60°, can’t ask for too much better of a late January day. (besides the rain)

HRRR model (above) thinks the rain will move in after dark, looks around 7-8pm. Nothing serious, just rain. No severe weather or winter weather. Rain should move out by lunchtime Sunday. read more

Dry Until Saturday Night, Active Weather Pattern Next Week

Clouds cleared out from this morning, leaving us with a cool, but at least sunny day.

The majority of Saturday will be a repeat of today.

HRRR model (above) thinks rain disrupts our dry weekend Saturday night sometime after dark. Just rain, no severe weather or winter weather. Models think rain ends Sunday midday. read more

The Little Flurries That Could, Rainy Sunday

Well, the snow flurries took it as disrespect when we said no impacts and not to worry…

Take It Personally Michael Jordan GIF

As of 9am, the temperature at BNA is 37°…surrounding areas are a few degrees cooler, but the areas where you may get a quick burst of snow showers may lay down a coating. read more

Wind Advisory until 3pm, No-Worry-Flurries Tonight and Tomorrow

As of 10am, temperatures are in the upper 40’s, and will drop throughout the day. Gusty winds will continue through this afternoon, sustained winds of 20-25mph, with gusts up to 40mph are possible. They’ll calm down this evening and tonight. read more

Not-Your-Typical Wind Advisory, Rain Arrives Tonight

First half of today will be nice, I’d take this time to strap down any outdoor furniture, including trampolines. If today is trash day for you, I’d also bring in my trash can ASAP so you aren’t playing tag with it down the street. read more

Rain + Wind Advisory Starts Tomorrow Night

Decent day today, clouds from earlier are moving out. Temperatures are about where they ought to be for this time of year.

The majority of tomorrow will be similar to today, until some rain + non-thunderstorm wind moves in tomorrow evening. read more

Low Chance of Damaging Straight-Line Winds Tonight

A lil’ foggy out this morning, take it easy if you have to. Should clear out sooner than later.

Temperatures started off relatively cool this morning in the 40’s, we’ll work our way up to the upper 60’s by this afternoon. read more

Storms (Severe?) Wednesday Night

Today will feel more like a spring day, with temperatures reaching the upper 60’s. Clouds will clear out sooner than later, no rain. Our high is officially 68°, only 3° shy of the record for January 17 set in 1937. read more