In this update: (1) Storms Late Tonight. (2) Eclipse Cloud Cover guesses.

(1) Storms Late Tonight.

ETA midnight tonight, ETD 4 AM. Timing may change.

Heavy rain, lightning likely.

Severe (tornado, damaging straight line winds, hail) unlikely. We’re not outlooked by SPC. Those outlooks apply west of us. read more

About eclipse cloud cover and sirens

Clouds are in blue below. This is the HRRR model. It’s probably going to change. Probably change A LOT. Also, I have no idea what track record the HRRR has with cloud cover success 48 hours out. So take with grain of salt. read more

Temps aloft below freezing. Graupel/frozen precip like Sonic Ice may fall out of these showers this afternoon.

Concern rising for severe storms Tuesday. Damaging straight line winds, and/or large hail, and/or tornado.

Rough ETA Tuesday late morning until dark.

Review severe weather plans today.

Tuesday severe summary from NWS-Nashville: read more

Planters: another frost/freeze possible mid/late next week.

Frost Advisory

Thursday – tomorrow morning – from 3A – 9A. “Frost could harm sensitive outdoor vegetation. Sensitive outdoor plants may be killed if left uncovered.” -@NWSNashville

Wed Thursday ✅ read more

This is a lot of lightning for not very much rain. Most of it is CG so head inside (cloud to ground). 752 PM

Several CG (cloud to ground) lightning strikes slowly incoming. Head inside.

Rain, thunderstorms slowly creeping closer, ahead of schedule.

Wind, lightning the only notable features.

Winds cranking. Last hour, BNA reported 23 MPH sustained, 33 MPH gusts. Both should increase tonight.