Rain ETA getting later. 9-10 PM per latest HRRR model.

I do not expect severe weather. Unlikely this is a “stay up all nighter.”

Winds get strong around 8 PM and continue overnight/while we sleep. Gusts to 50 (!!!) possible. Secure loose objects. Tether 88 lb aunts. read more

Winds 20-30 MPH sustained with gusts to 50 MPH late afternoon – overnight.

Rain ETA after dark lasting thru the night.

Neither tornado nor hail expected. Rain heavy and straight line winds strong. Lightning possible. Rain totals around 1” or so. read more

Outdoor burning Sunday ❌.

“Much of Middle Tennessee will experience an elevated fire
danger tomorrow owing to increased wind speeds and very low relative humidity values.”


45° now but all-day jerk north wind making it feel 38°. Afternoon high 60° but that cold wind doing its thing.

Radar check. Rain light. Also lightningless. Will last until midnight or so. Totals 0.25” put many rollyball sports in peril.

New HRRR model run keeps most rain, late afternoon and tonight, south of 840. Think most will see a light, drizzly, obnoxious rain. No lightning.

Rain arrives late afternoon and continues thru tonight per HRRR model. No lightning. 0.25” total on avg.

HRRR model has light rain tomorrow night. Most of it misses to our SE. Model may be wrong. Will update.

Rain likely Friday. Lightning unlikely. Hi Res data in range tonight w/ deets. After a quiet weekend, another system late Mon-Tue. Strong winds likely but severe (at least for now) appears unlikely (bc no CAPE). This will be watched. read more

Spending this blue sky Weds emotionally preparing for a summertime of questions about cicadas and inaccuracies in the coming Twister movie reboot.