A Grammy-Worthy Week’s End

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(Editor’s Note: Intern Applicant Week continues…) 

I am Brendan Schaper, a professional broadcast meteorology student at Mississippi State University, here to be the bearer of good weather news! Nashville stays quite chilly today, but temperatures will be climbing back to near-normal Thursday and above average temperatures are expected for the weekend. read more

ALMOST Done With the Rain

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Well unfortunately we are not escaping the rain quite yet.


Today into Tonight HIGH 43 LOW 33:

Rain showers will resume around the early lunch hours and on into the rest of the day. These showers will stay around pretty much the entire afternoon. The showers remain constant throughout the day and will continue into the evening hours. No major flooding is a concern today; however some localized flooding on smaller roads is still possible with how much rainfall has been seen in the past 24 hours. The temperature will stay around the low-40°s throughout the day. The temperature will drop into the evening hours, but is not expected to get below freezing. Since most of the moisture will be out of our area by the time the temperature drops, there should be little to no snow accumulation into tonight. read more

Rainy Monday and a Preview of Spring!

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Now that our little bit of winter precip is over, it is all rain for here on out!

snoopy rain

For the rest of your Monday: We have rain, and lots of it. Some of the rain will be heavy, but the good news is it will start to wind down by this evening. We don’t expect flooding to become a big issue, but some localized problems are possible. The highs today will only be in the low-mid 40°s with a wind chill getting down into the 30°s. read more

Enjoy those 60s while they last!

It is finally the weekend! Happy Saturday!

We are on our way to 60° today! You can thank those southerly winds later.

With abundant sunshine, it’s the perfect day to run some errands or take grandma out for lunch. read more

Warming Trend Starts Today

Current Temps and Radar

Guess what day it is?

No, not hump day….it’s FRIDAY! I feel like dancing.

Saturday: chilly morning, but nice afternoon – Wake Up 33˚, High 60˚

Southerly flow continues Saturday, keeping things on the warmer side. Sunny skies will help push those afternoon temps up to the 60˚ mark. Overall, it will be a nice day! read more

Intern Applicant #2 on Snow Thursday

Current Temps and Radar

Cold to start off this morning, but it will be warmer than yesterday! And the temperatures will keep increasing through tomorrow, so it’ll feel much better.

Today:  Clear and sunny with a slight breeze from the southwest making it a great day to be outside. High of 45°. Keyword of the day is: read more

Cold Monday on Tap, Plus the Groundhog’s Verdict. Intern Applicant #1

Current Temps and Radar

Happy Groundhog Day! I’m Brendan Schaper (Editor’s Note: Alert! Intern Applicant Week has begun!) with Nashville Severe Weather, and we’re talking much colder weather today. However, Punxsutawney Phil could have the news you’ve all been waiting for… read more