ALMOST Done With the Rain

Current Radar

Well unfortunately we are not escaping the rain quite yet.


Today into Tonight HIGH 43 LOW 33:

Rain showers will resume around the early lunch hours and on into the rest of the day. These showers will stay around pretty much the entire afternoon. The showers remain constant throughout the day and will continue into the evening hours. No major flooding is a concern today; however some localized flooding on smaller roads is still possible with how much rainfall has been seen in the past 24 hours. The temperature will stay around the low-40°s throughout the day. The temperature will drop into the evening hours, but is not expected to get below freezing. Since most of the moisture will be out of our area by the time the temperature drops, there should be little to no snow accumulation into tonight.

Below is a HRRR showing a new line of precipitation moving into our area and then leaving into the evening hours:


Wednesday Outlook HIGH 44 LOW 29:

Temperatures will still remain in the mid-40°s throughout the day. While there will be no precipitation, the sun is still not going to make an appearance for us either. Expect for cloud cover throughout the day keeping the temperatures still a tad bit chilly. There will also be a slight breeze throughout the day as well. The clouds will finally begin to clear into the evening hours but the low is 29°F so be aware of the possibility of a slight freeze in the evening. Stay aware of the freeze potential into tomorrow as the low has continued to drop over the past 24 hours.

Thursday and on outlook:

Once Thursday rolls around, temperatures will be in the upper 50°s to the lower 60°s. By the weekend, temperatures will be in the mid-60°s. This weekend is expected to be dry, warm, and have lots of sunshine! We will not be escaping the rain for good though, as it will return at the beginning of next week. For now, enjoy the sunshine that comes Thursday and through the weekend!

What does this mean for you:

Be sure to keep those rain jackets and umbrellas ready throughout today, but after tonight there will no longer be a need to keep them handy. Wednesday will still be a tad bit chilly so be sure to bring a jacket with you. By Thursday the sun will be out finally. So, by the weekend you will be able to trade out your umbrellas for your sunglasses going into the weekend.

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3 Day Outlook
3 Day Outlook 2.16.2016

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