Quiet Weather Until The Weekend

Cold mornings and chilly afternoons will be in store for us this work week. Very January-like.

No rain chances to discuss until, of course, this weekend.

Too far out to discuss specific details, but for now it looks like: read more

Ringing In 2024 With A Blerg

Happy New Year!

The boxes have been checked for Blerg conditions today.

Very quiet week ahead. Temperatures will be seasonal-ish.

No rain chances to talk about until Friday/Saturday when a low-pressure system will escort moisture into our area. This looks to just be rain, and a decent amount of it too, precip totals look to be around an inch. Still a ways away, details are still fuzzy. We’ll be watching and updating. read more

2023: A Relatively Dry + Warm Year

The last day of 2023 will quite nice, with high temperatures in the mid 50s.

This handy dandy graphic from NWS Nashville shows the expected temperatures and wind chills tonight. If going out, make sure to bundle up. read more

Cold But Dry Transition Into 2024

Fairly tame upcoming forecast for us.

Temperatures will be fairly seasonal. High temps for NYE will be in the low to mid 50s.

For the brave souls going downtown, you’ll want to prepare for temperatures to quickly drop after sunset. Mid 30s expected as the calendar changes to 1/1/24. It’ll be dry. read more

Light Rain With Maybe Flurries Mixed In Today, Looking Ahead to 2024

As of 4pm, surface temperatures throughout our two counties are ranging from 37-40°, which is the reason the precip moving thru will mostly be light rain, although temperatures way up are very cold which could call for some flurries mixing in. read more

sNOw Chances Looking Very Meh + Drought Update

This graph from NWS Nashville shows only a 10 – 30% chance of us seeing 0.1″ +, or more commonly known as a dusting.

The odds are not in our favor.

New model data keeps coming in, and it shows bad news for those who had their fingers crossed for accumulating snow. read more

First Chance At Snowflakes This Winter Thursday Night - Friday, Time to Embrace Uncertainty

We’ll be dry until Wednesday evening, when some showers (just rain) move in, shown below by the HRRR model.

This will just be some light rain. If you look closely, you can see the swirl near the bootheel of MO and southern Illinois, that low pressure system will be the culprit for our snow chances. read more

Not The Best Forecast For Reindeer, Wet + Windy First Half of Christmas

Gorgeous weather for Christmas Eve, temperatures have crept up into the mid to upper 60s.

Clouds will increase as we go throughout the day, hinting at the incoming rain.

Michael Caine Christmas GIF by Sky

Rough Ride For Rudolph

Not only will rain pick up overnight, but so will the wind. read more

And Why Is The Carpet All Wet, Todd?

christmas vacation GIF

Because it’s been raining, Margo.

On/off rain has been moving thru throughout the day, and chances will continue thru this evening. You can check the radar anytime here: Radar – Nashville Severe Weather read more

What A Difference A Year Makes, Rainy Christmas Expected

A year ago today, I wrote the blog about temperatures expected to get around 0°, wind chills -20° to -30°, with a Winter Storm Warning along with it. NWS Nashville put together a page about this event, you can click here if you’d like to read. read more