Sunday Showers, Dry Rest of November

Nice fall Saturday.

We’ll have some light rain chances Sunday.

HRRR model (above) shows two main chances for light showers, Sunday morning thru lunch, then again Sunday evening.

Rainfall totals look very low. read more

Friday and Saturday are Tops

Today and Tomorrow will be fantastic. Bright sun in the morning. A little cloud cover in the afternoon.

In the satellite image above you can see most of the high clouds have moved out. Temps will rise to nearly 60 both days. Some gusty winds are possible late Friday afternoon and into the evening, but nothing notable expected. read more

Today Will Be Dry, But Don’t Let Your Turkey Be Dry.

Temps have quickly recovered from below freezing and we are on our way to the upper 50s. Whole lotta sun and food. Keep an eye on your uncle who’s cooking the turkey. “Don’t worry I’ve done this hundreds of times” but it comes out dry everytime? read more

Good Weather For Turkey Tomorrow

Cooler weather day than we’ve been having, but pretty typical for this time of year.

We’ll wake up on Turkey Day with temps hovering around 32°. We’ll warm up to near 60° by the afternoon, no rain chances. Perfect day for watching football, eating lots of food, and some naps. read more

Rain Received, Not Much More In Sight

We finally got some decent rainfall across the area.

Looks like everyone received about 1″, the big winners look to be the Fairview area and far northern Davidson Co. with 2″+.

This will certainly be a help, but it won’t solve all our drought problems. New drought monitor comes out on Thursday to give us the update. read more

Wind Advisory, Much Needed Rain Tonight

Still the two main headlines of today are the gusty winds and rain overnight.

Wind Advisory

A Wind Advisory will be in effect from 6pm today thru 6am Tuesday. Wind gusts up to 45 mph are possible. As of 4pm, BNA has already gusted up to 28 mph and winds will continue to howl. Secure outdoor furniture, trashcans, Christmas decorations, God’s frisbees, etc. read more

Windy Monday, Heavy Rain Monday Night

Two main messages for Monday. Let’s discuss.

Winds Ahead of the Rain

Winds *before* the rain tomorrow will be gusty.

Gusts up to 30-45mph are possible Monday afternoon into Monday night. A Wind Advisory will probably be issued at some point. Secure outdoor furniture, X-Mas decorations, etc. read more

Rain Is Comin’ Monday

Nice quiet day today, tomorrow will be about the same. Temps near the freezing point as you wake up.

Much Needed Rain

We finally get to start making up some ground on our rainfall deficit.

Day 3 Projected Rainfall Totals

Current forecast has around 1.5″ for us Monday into Tuesday. Yes please. read more

Drizzle Moving Out, Dry Weekend, Solid Rain Monday/Tuesday

Leftover drizzle should move out over the next couple hours. You can always check the radar here: Radar – Nashville Severe Weather

We get a dry Saturday + Sunday, cooler temps than what we’ve been dealing with this week. We may get close to the freezing mark Sunday morning. read more

Showers Tomorrow, Legit Rain Monday/Tuesday, Look @ Turkey Day

A toasty 77° today at BNA, one degree shy of tying the daily record high.

Some light rain chances come around tomorrow.

HRRR model (above) shows light on/off rain from morning until evening. I see no reason to alter plans, should be mostly gone by FNL kickoff. read more