Tornado Watch Until 1pm Today, High Wind Warning Until 6pm Today

Before we even dive into the severe threat, we seriously need to talk about this High Wind Warning. This is NOT your typical Wind Advisory that knocks your trash can down. This wind will take your trash can and trampoline down the street. Sustained winds of 25-35mph and gusts up to 60(!!)mph will be possible OUTSIDE of the thunderstorms. It can not be raining and the winds can gust to 60mph. These winds will down trees and power lines. It is important to keep your phone charge and make sure new batteries are in your weather radio so you can receive warnings if any are issued later today. Again, these winds will be OUTSIDE of the thunderstorms and it will be this windy before AND after the main line has passed. read more

Rain Later Today; Severe Weather Threat Friday AM, High Wind Warning

Cloudy, but mostly dry during the daytime hours today.

HRRR model, above, shows rain moving in around 7 or 8pm tonight, lasting on and off throughout the night. We aren’t concerned about severe weather with this round. The rain will be brought by a warm front, which will set us up for our severe weather tomorrow. read more

Three(?) Rounds of Severe Weather Possible Tonight Thru Friday AM

During the day today, it will be quite lovely. High temps will try to hit the 80° mark, attempting to get to the daily record high of 81°. Then the end of the nice weather will begin with round one tonight. read more

Three Chances Of Severe Weather; Wednesday PM, Thursday PM, Friday AM

First things first, today will be beautiful. Whole lot of sun, high temps in the low 70’s, won’t feel like the last day of February.

The majority of Wednesday will be really nice. We’ll make a run at the record high of 81° during the day. Clouds will gradually increase throughout the day. read more

Rain Clearing Out, Windy Monday, Wet End of the Week

On and off showers will continue for just a few more hours, clearing out around noon or so. You can always check the radar on our website here: Radar – Nashville Severe Weather

We’re still under a Wind Advisory until 6pm today. Sustained winds of 20-30mph, with gusts up to 45mph will be possible. Secure any outdoor decorations/furniture that you care about. read more

Rain, Wind Advisory, Record Highs? Oh My!

Rain has moved out from this morning, but clouds will stick around for the rest of the day.

Rain will creep back in Monday morning, not worried about severe weather, just some quick-hitting rain.

Timestamp in the upper left corner

On Monday there is also a Wind Advisory from 6am – 6pm. Sustained winds of 20-25mph are expected with gusts up to 40mph possible. Batten down any outdoor furniture. read more

Rainy SWAD Morning, Clearing Out For Nashville SC Home Opener

We’re hanging out at Severe Weather Awareness Day, come stop by and say hi. More details here: Severe Weather Awareness Day 2023

Starting off Saturday with some rain. WillCo. even got some lightning strikes earlier. I think thunder chances are mostly gone, leaving us with just a couple more hours of rain. WillCo. will get the majority of the rain. We’ll dry out this afternoon and evening, setting up for a dry, but cool home opener at GEODIS. read more

Awesome Today + Tomorrow; Warm + Wet Week

Generally speaking; it’ll be a warm and dry next two days. Only rain in the next 48 hours may be some light and quick showers Monday morning.

The remainder of the week will still be warm, dare I say borderline hot Wednesday and Thursday, with high temperatures pushing the low 80’s – but pretty wet. Rain chances exists Tuesday – Saturday. read more

Mostly Dry Weekend, and you said eighty degrees? 8-0?

Started off cold this morning, but temps are slowly getting up to a somewhat tolerable level. High today should be around 50°.

Maybe some light rain moving in tonight around 10 or 11pm. These will be light and quick, and depending on your sleep schedule, you may not even notice them. read more

Round Two This Afternoon - Let’s Talk Specifics + Timing

Round One is good as gone.

For days we have been talking about this “break” in-between rounds. We didn’t know what it would look like. Models are now in good agreement, along with support from current observations, that the break will be long enough for the atmosphere to sufficiently “recharge.” read more