Spotty Showers Today, Storms Possible Friday

On/off showers will be possible thru this evening. Some of us will stay dry, but some may see a brief shower. Impossible to know who is in and who is out. HRRR model below gives its best guess.

No strong or severe weather concerns with any of this activity. read more

Severe Storms Possible This Afternoon + Evening

A few showers moving thru this mid-morning. these are no worries.

Our severe chances have increased just a tad since yesterday.

Within 25 miles of you, there is a 15% chance of damaging straight-line winds, 15% chance of large hail, and a 2% chance of a tornado. (another way to look at it is there is a 98% chance that there will not be a tornado within 25 miles of you!) read more

Strong to Severe Storms Possible Tuesday, No Lack of Rain Chances This Week

A few lights showers will stick around for the rest of the night, no big deal. Most of the night should be dry.

Tuesday, more specifically during the afternoon and evening, we’ll deal with a very low, but nonzero chance of severe weather. read more

A Lovely Mother’s Day Followed By A Not-So-Lovely Week

Happy Mother’s Day!

Very nice weather will stick with us today for whatever plans you might have.

Mild temperatures will stay with us throughout the week, but nice weather will not.

Rain chances will creep in Monday morning, with some additional chances during the afternoon/evening. Rainouts possible, but most of the activity should be fairly light. read more

The World Needs More Northern Lights and Beautiful Weekends.

Still cannot get over last night. Although not the best show with the naked eye, the views thanks to cameras were absolutely spectacular. Seeing them has always been on my bucket list, but I for sure thought it would require some travel. Just amazing to be able to see them right here at home. read more

Beautiful Weekend Ahead, Northern Lights Rumors?

A very nice Friday unfolding. I got the privilege to caddy a good friend of mine in a disc golf tournament this morning, got to enjoy the nice weather and some discs.

Our dry and mild weather will continue throughout the weekend. All outdoor activities look great. Steeplechase, any Mother’s Day plans, all look splendid. read more

Dry Weekend Ahead.

Thankfully, our severe weather threat is all over, but we are still dealing with some flooding issues. Smaller creeks and streams will slowly recede, but larger rivers such as the Cumberland will take a little bit to crest. If you come across a flooded roadway, turn around, don’t drown! read more

Dodging Showers + Storms This Weekend, Unsettled Next 7 Days.

Isolated non-severe thunderstorms are possible throughout the evening. Most of us should stay dry, but a few unlucky folks may get caught in the rain.

The HRRR model gives its’ best guess at what we could be dealing with tonight, but models have a tough time handling these situations very well. read more

Tonight Kicks Off Our On/Off Rainy Weekend.

Non-severe shower + storms will move into our area tonight and stick around throughout the day Friday.

HRRR model (above) shows a break for most of us by around lunchtime Friday. However…

More showers + non-severe storms are expected to develop Friday afternoon and evening. This particular run of the HRRR model shows a majority of the activity dodging us. Now this would be super cool if it does, but I’m pretty sus on that. If going to one of the many, many available outdoor activities tomorrow, not a bad idea to have rain gear + a back-up indoor plan in case a shower/storm decides to make its way to you. If you are downtown tomorrow, you may end up having to dodge some storms and chairs. read more

Rain/Storm Chances Return Thursday Night.

Temps will yet again return to the upper 80s Thursday, getting close to the 90° mark.

An unsettled pattern will settle in for the weekend, with rain chances beginning late Thursday night.

HRRR model above shows rain entering our region late Thursday night continuing thru Friday morning. A break Friday midday, with more rain/storm chances Friday afternoon/evening. Fingers crossed we can be dry before all of our Friday evening outdoor activities (which there is a lot of). Still too much uncertainty to try to nail down any ETA/ETD, we’ll keep you updated. No severe weather expected. read more